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Accelerator (Akari)

"Wow, technology!"

The Accelerator (Akari) is an amethyst tower that uses a plasma beam to damage enemies. She will deal continuous damage to enemies that walk between them. The accelerator requires time to charge, but in return deals high damage.

According to Billie, she is one of the rebellious Amethyst thieves - who just found a “rather interesting CELRIO project”

This tower is a level locked tower, requiring you to beat Master before unlocking it.

Accelerators can be connected to an infinite amount of other Accelerators. To reroute them you will need to use the Change Targeting button.

Accelerator's beam has separate stats. The calculations for the stats are as follows:

  • Damage - Both of the accelerators' damage stats are added up.
  • Tick rate/Firerate - Uses the average of the accelerators' Tick rate/Firerate (how many seconds it takes to deal damage to enemies in the beam).
  • Pierce - Both of the accelerators' pierce stats are added up.

"A notorious thief that happened to find an interesting CELRIO project. Accelerators only function when there are at least two on board, creating a plasma beam that evaporates all voids that walk between them. Surprisingly, the CELRIO company allowed her to use it in the end."

Mastery Perks


Accelerator's upgrades cost 10% less.

Price: 3Mastery Point(s)


Level Cost Total Cost Damage Rate DPS Cost/DPS Change
Base N/A 1,500Cash 3 0.2 15 100 Akari wields an accelerator gun that creates a purple-ish beam when connected with another accelerator.
1 200Cash 1,700Cash 3 0.2 15 ~113.33 Appearance is unchanged and pierce is higher.
2 1,475Cash 3,175Cash 5 0.2 25 127 Gains purple-ish wings with similar design to Neo Mayla's wings.
3 3,175Cash 6,350Cash 9 0.15 60 ~105.83 TBA
4 9,525Cash 15,875Cash 25 0.15 ~166.66 ~95.249 TBA
5 26,105Cash 41,980Cash 50 0.125 400 104.95 TBA
6 125,940Cash 167,620Cash 175 0.1 1750 ~95.782 Akari's accelerator gun, wings and beam become dark purple. She also gets 16 floating purple cubes surrounding her.


  • Accelerator was originally going to be inspired by Citron from Plants vs. Zombies 2. Instead, it was based of of the Electric Currant from the same game.
  • This is the only tower other than Beacon that requires another tower to work.
    • However, in terms of attack damage, this is sole tower that requires another tower to work.
  • This is the second tower that needs to be unlocked in order to be purchased, the other being the Reaper, requiring you to beat Grandmaster on a Medium Map or harder.
  • This is the only tower that starts with "instruction paper" in Mail when you unlocked and purchased.
  • Accelerator's beams are visible with effects turned off in settings.
  • Accelerator is the second tower in the game to have infinite range, the first being Mayla.
    • Technically, both don't actually have infinite range due to the integer limit being 9223372036854775807. This is the (signed) 64-bit integer limit on a computer.
  • If one is able to connect a ridiculous albeit tedious amount of Level 5 Accelerators to a single Master Accelerator with beacon buffs and along with at least a short path of which the incredibly dense anti-matter death beam sits on top of, one might outclass the Master Reaper in terms of attack speed and damage.
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