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Alien is a support tower that can throw potions to other towers to give them buff like damage and firerate for a short time with a decent splash damage and can deal extra damage against lead voids and armored voids, it's pretty good for high firerate tower like Gunner. At Level 1, she can throw potions to other towers to buff them until lvl 6 where she give a big amount of buff which lasts forever. Although she also has a huge damage, it's best to place her where she can buff most of the towers.

"Xndra uses potions to deal splash damage to zombies and buff your other towers. The contents of the potions is still unknown, and she refuses to communicate with anyone that asks. It seems she knows something we don't."

Mastery perk(s):


Alien's Blessing Potions last 1 second longer.

Price: 2Mastery Point(s)


Aliens throw Blessing Potions 10% faster.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Levels Upgrade cost Total price Damage Rate Range DPS Change
Base 540Cash 540Cash 6 2 14 3 N/A
Level 1 540Cash 1,080Cash 6 2 14 3 Throws potions on your towers, and gives them extra damage to kill lead voids.
Level 2 850Cash 1,930Cash 15 2 14 7.5 Attack Potions give +2 Damage, deals double damage to lead voids.
Level 3 1,750Cash 3,680Cash 15 2 14 7.5 Potions now buff Firerate by 10%.
Level 4 3,500Cash 7,180Cash 60 2 14 30 Potions deal more damage and deal 3x damage to armored voids, Blessing potions also give +10 damage and 15% firerate buff.
Level 5 6,500Cash 13,680Cash 60 2 14 30 Throws attack potion faster and blessing potions buff firerate by 25%, +15 damage.
Level 6 55,450Cash 69,130Cash 250 2 15 125 Attack potions deal extreme damage and blessing potions effects are stronger. All buffs are now permanent. (Buffs firerate by 26% and damage by +20)


  • A good strategy to afford the level 6 is to try using Mayla so she can lower the price of level 6 upgrade.


  • The Alien, in terms of mechanics, is similar to the Alchemist from Bloons TD 6.
  • Before the May 28 2022 update, the potions from Alien used to add damage instead of multiply,
    • After this update, the Level 6 Master upgrade no longer permanently grants buffs.
  • An alien is a living organism which/who is in a different region they're from.
    • Contract to the popular beliefs, aliens don't always have to be an outer space living creatures. Foreigners are also technically considered as aliens but calling them alien would be rude so the word "alien" is mainly used on outer space creatures instead.
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