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Artillerist is a AOE type tower that deals splash damage, and is generally good for early and mid game but later on it is outclassed by KFP90 Gunner (level 5 Gunner) and Reaper.

This tower gains hidden detection on level 4.

"As they do in the early days, the only way to settle a war is with explosives! General Noob uses an M79 Thumper to blast voids in a large radius."

Mastery perk(s)


Artillerist's Ground Zero ability stuns affected zombies for a short time.

Price: 4Mastery Point(s)


Level Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range DPS[1] Total Cost/DPS Change
Base N/A 450Cash 3 1.3 16 2.3 195.7 N/A
1 250Cash 700Cash 3 1.15 16 2.75 254.54 N/A
2 585Cash 1,285Cash 6 1.15 19 5.75 223.47 A protection vest
3 1850Cash 3,135Cash 15 0.95 21 15.7 199.68 N/A
4 3,025Cash 6,160Cash 45 0.85 24 52.65 117 Gains a Rocket Launcher and hidden detection.
5 10,750Cash 16,910Cash 135 0.7 24 158.8 106.47 Stronger Rocket Launcher.
6 (Master Upgrade) 24,010Cash 40,020Cash 450 0.6 24 535.7 74.7 Gains an ability to send a Nuke that deals 8,000 damage to every enemy on the board.


  • Artillerist is best used to kill swarms of Voids and Lead-type Voids. His damage output makes him capable of handling the early-mid game quite easily.
    • However other towers such as Hitman and Technician may be better for the purpose of crowd control.
  • Placing a few Level 4 Artillerists can do a good chunk of damage to the Voids, then upgrade them to Level 5 or max. This is useful for early game enemies like the Large Void.
    • However it is more cost efficient to upgrade the Artillerist to level 5 than spam level 4 Artillerists.
  • Artillerist with the Vivy guaridan is a powerful early game tower combo in Grandmaster Mode.
    • However the Artillerist by himself should not be relied for early game due to having inefficient upgrade cost for the dps. Vivy only improves its usefulness.
  • Artillerist is often outperformed by crowd control guardian towers such as Ruby Queen and Nekoro as the guardian tower property makes them better than Artillerist. They also excel at crowd control more too.
    • Even if buffed by Vivy, these guardians can still perform better, however one advantage Artillerist has over them is that Ground Zero Artillerist (AKA Master Artillerist) takes much less time to achieve and the ability has somewhat short cooldown for heavily damaging every enemy on the board, which no guardian towers can do the same.


  • Artillerist projectile is not fired directly from the barrel, but a little bit to the right of the barrel. This is just visual and does not affect gameplay.
  • Artillerist is the only tower in the game to have infinite pierce.
  • Artillerist was the first Non-Guardian to have a skin.


  1. DPS assumes only one enemy is hit by the Artillerist
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