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Badges are a feature that you can complete from doing a specific task in game. 2 badges in the game unlock towers in the Shop, those being Lone Defender which unlocks Accelerator, and Diamond Dark which unlocks Reaper, and 1 Badge that unlocks a Skin, the Common World Denomination Badge.

Icon Name Description Obtainment Difficulty Tips
The Void Phoenix badge.png The Void Phoenix In it's own home, empower a fire bird to it's strongest form. Upgrade a Gunner to level 6 in the Ancient Dunes map before the last wave of the Gamemode. Mildly Hard Best done with 4+ players as the easiest time to get a Master Gunner is just before wave 60.

Basic Defense Licsense Complete any map on Easy Mode. Beat wave 40 on Easy Mode. Easy Sergeant is good to start the game, while sniper can deal good horde and long distance damage.

Horde Conqueror Complete any map on Medium Mode. Beat wave 60 on Medium Mode. Easy It's still easy but helps to play with others. Towers like Sniper, Magician, and Wizard excel in this Mode.

Extensive Experience Complete any map on Hard Mode. You're getting better. Beat wave 80 on Hard Mode. Medium Easy to solo with the right towers, but teammates are recommended for newer players. Great towers include Sniper, Artillerist, and Wizard.

Extreme Defender Complete any map on Apocalypse Mode. So many restrictions, yet you prevail. Beat wave 80 on Apocalypse Mode. Hard Can be done solo well with the right strategies, but playing with others makes it much easier. Make sure to only place towers that can still do well late game.
N.6.png Lone Defender Complete any map on Master Mode. You can deal with anything on your own, now. Beat wave 80 on Master Mode. Mildly Hard It's just Apocalypse Mode but only solo. If you can solo Apocalypse Mode, you can solo Master Mode. Remember that Mastery Perks are disabled in this mode.
N.7.png Veni's Trio Complete any map on Master mode with only 3 or less towers being placed at any time. Beat wave 80 on Master Mode using only 3 or less towers placed on the map at any given time. Very Hard Strong overall towers should be used due to limited tower placements. Gunner, Fire Mage, and Wizard are good choices but it is recommended for one tower to be a guardian. Ruby Queen, Hayaka, and Cassy are suitable guardians.
N.8.png Showing Our Glory! Complete any map in Master Mode with only Ruby Class towers being placed. Beat wave 80 on Master Mode using only Ruby Class towers. Very Hard Requires a very strict strategy, due to the lack of flexibility in the towers available.
N.9.png Top Priority Defense Complete any map in Master Mode with only Amethyst Class towers being placed. Beat wave 80 on Master Mode using only Amethyst Class towers. Very Hard Wizard and Sniper is best used due to them being the only DPS towers in the Amethyst tribe.
N.10.png Mixed Community Complete any map in Master Mode with only Hybrid Class towers being placed. Beat wave 80 on Master Mode using only Hybrid Class towers. Very Hard Consider using Technician due to her versatility and high single DPS.
N.11.png Why Would You Do That? Do absolutely nothing, when you really should be. Bring no towers to any match. That's literally it. Very Easy Why would you need tips for this?
N.12.png Kitsutori Use the Ruby Tribe's most advanced powers to create a true beauty beast. Perform the Kitsutori mechanic by having Max level Fire Mage and Gunner placed down on the map. Ruby Queen must be on the map aswell. Note: Ruby Queen and Fire Mage MUST outside of the level 6 Gunner's range for the mechanic to be valid. Fire Mage and Ruby Queen also need to be maxed before Gunner. Hard Best done solo or with friends as the requirements are strict and random players are likely not looking to get the badge. All requirements must be met BEFORE levelling the Gunner up to 6.
N.13.png Peace Discarded Defeat the Amethyst Void Lord. Kill the Amethyst Void Lord and beat wave 100 in any mode. Medium Make sure to bring high single DPS towers like Gunner, Sniper, and Technician to kill this boss.

Out Of Blood Defeat the Ruby Void Lord. Kill the Ruby Void Lord and beat wave 125 in any mode. Medium Due to the boss' high health, it is best approached using a Master Gunner buffed by other level 5 Gunners.
N.15.png Apocalyptic Unity Defeat the Hybrid Void Lord. Kill the Hybrid Void Lord and beat wave 150 in any mode. Hard This boss has even more health, and a Kitsutori Gunner buffed by other level 5 Gunners can be used to beat it without too much of a problem.
All For One, And Only One.png All For One, And Only One Beat any map on Hard mode alone, with only one tower on the board at any time. Is this even possible? Beat Hard Mode with one tower at the board at any time. Very Hard You should use pyro and hitman for this.Remember that selling and rebuying is allowed. Consider using those two towers on different waves, depending on the type of enemies that appear.
TheTrueLimit.png The True Limit Complete an Expert Map in Master Mode. The deadliest horde in the deadliest arena. Beat Master Mode on any Expert Map. Very Hard Follow a strategy

Bring towers with high AOE DPS and offensive supports to slow down and make the Enemies easier to kill. Towers such as Beacon and Alien are also crucial to make the towers stronger.

CoolWinterBadge.png Just Put A Coat On Complete the Black Blizzard gamemode during the 2021 Winter Event. Beat the limited Black Blizzard gamemode. Medium Easiest done with 4 players, the maximum amount of the event.

This badge is currently unobtainable.

TheFeathersThatTurnToRed.png The Feathers That Turn Red Fira would be very proud of this fine specimen. Perform Kitsutori but with Theresa. However, since you need Ruby Queen for Kitsutori, you cant do this alone. Hard Treat this as if it were just another Kitsutori. Farming is important for the expensive Fire Mage and Gunner(s). Make sure Fire Mage isn't within the target Gunner's range. Theresa MUST also be level 15 to work.
AroundTheWorld.png Around The World Complete all 5 gamemodes, on 5 different maps. Beat all gamemodes on any 5 maps. Mildly Hard Easiest done on easy Maps. May also be efficiently done in conjunction with other badges such as "Arena Cleared" and "Diamond Dark".
WorldLeaderUnionBadge.png World Leader Union Complete any map on Apocalypse Mode with only Guardians being placed. Better call in the other tribe leaders Beat any map using only Guardians. Very Hard Is best done with 4 players but is also possible with just 2 players. This is impossible with 1 player due to unbalanced damage distribution. Think about Guardians that can deal with hordes or bosses alone.
Arena Cleared Badge.png Arena Cleared Achieve a Golden Border by completing all 5 gamemodes on a single map. Beat a Map on Easy, Medium, Hard, Apocalypse and Master. Medium Easiest on easy Maps, most likely Alpha Roads.
TrainingGradBadge.png Training Graduation Reach Level 50. Reach Level 50 ingame. Medium By playing the game, the player naturally gains experience towards Level 50. More difficult modes on more difficult maps yield more rewards, and therefore, gets the player Levelling up much faster than easier Modes and Maps.
DiamondDarkBadge.png Diamond Dark Conquer the Grandmaster Field on a Medium or harder map. The voids have broken all limits, but so have you. Complete a Game on the Grandmaster Gamemode on a medium Map.
Extreme Farming is crucial in order to get enough money to beat the powerful waves. Due to the massive health of the Major Bosses on wave 60, 80, and 100 respectively, high multi-target DPS is required for their spawns.
a. a. Beat Apocalypse mode using only towers that start with the letter 'A'. As of now those towers are Artillerist, Alien, and Accelerator Medium A level 6 and a lot of level 5 Artillerists all buffed by a level 6 Alien should be enough to win.
A Rose For The Rose badge.png
A Rose For The Rose Are those for me? Equip the default Farm skin, and go to the Roselands map.

Place a level 6 farm infront of the Rosemi Lovelock decal in the rocks in the distance.

Easy You need to use the default skin.
green leaf god crops
God Crops Generate $26,155 on a single farm in one wave. Use every found buff in the game after the Farm update being able to gain more cash from buffs. This means a Level 6 Alien, a level 5 beacon with the ability activated, a level 3+ Reaper, "Bountiful Salary" mastery perk, and making it master upgrade. Very Hard Best done with 4+ players. This requires a combination of every single buff. Time it right, and take time to do it too as the Mastery Perk required can only be done every 15 waves.
Pizza Friday.png
Pizza Friday Show up for the pizza party and take a slice. Play the game on Friday and go to Naru to take a coffee, instead of getting coffee on friday, you get pizza.. Very Easy Get a pizza from Naru. Only on fridays.
Too Easy.png
Too Easy Complete an Expert Map on Easy mode alone without upgrading any towers. Guardian updgrades count as well. Beat an expert map without upgrading any towers (Guardian levels count as upgrades). Hard Use towers with higher DPS after the early waves.
Total Dedication.png
Total Dedication Complete and claim a total of 100 Daily Challenges. Complete 100 Daily Challenges. Extreme Complete and claim 100 daily challenges. Only 3 are available per day.
Lucky MOrning.png
Lucky Morning Receive a Void Mocha from Naru, the Barista (0.1% chance). Get lucky when taking coffee. Luck Keep on trying to get the Void Mocha.
Speed Run.png
Speed Run Complete any map on Master mode in under 15 minutes. Beat Master in under 15 minutes. Mildly Hard Place towers with high DPS at the entrance with auto skip and auto start. Ensure to have proper defense.
Mr. Charity.png
Mr. Charity Give out a total of $1M to other players before Wave 80. Give players a total of 1M cash before wave 80. Hard Best done 1 person farming and one or more people defending. The person who is farming then can micro their farms and donate. Alternatively, this is one of the few badges that can be obtained using admin commands.
Back Pain.png
Back Pain Complete any map on Master Mode with any tower having a total of 4.5M damage or more. Beat Master Mode with one of your towers having 4.5M total damage or more. Mildly Hard Use a high DPS tower for this.
A Fair Fight.png
A Fair Fight Complete any map on Master Mode without getting a Master Upgrade on any tower. Beat Master Mode without Master Upgrades. Extreme Use towers that don't rely on their master upgrade to be good. Examples include Gunner and Reaper.
Commonworlddenomination leek badge.png
Common World Domination Do you have what it takes to become a superstar? 1) Play Cavern on any mode, you must get a level 6 Alien and then then steal the pink crystal (above the knocked down minecart) on a wave that is a prime number [1].

2) Get past Wave 100 on Master, on the Reactor map. Press the button in the secret room after that.

3) Complete the Void Phoenix Badge (above)

4) Say ‘leek’ in chat thrice.

All of these steps have to be in order.

Very Hard For a guide to this refer to enews' guide:
A Mild Experience.png A Mild Experience Complete the Ghost Pepper Challenge. That was.. alright. Beat the Ghost Pepper Challenge. Medium Best done on a week with an easier map. Note that easier the maps are, the less HP there is.

Reaper is banned.

Downed With Milj.png Downed With Milk Comphlethe... fthe... Carolina Reapher... Beat the Carolina

Reaper Gauntlet.

Very Hard Best done on a week with an easier map. Note that easier the maps are, the less HP there is.

Reaper is banned.

Preventing Casualties .png Preventing Casualties Complete both the Ghost Pepper Challenge and Carolina Reaper Gauntlet without placing guardians. Beat the Ghost Pepper Challenge and Carolina Reaper Gaunlet without placing a Guardian. All users have to not place a guardian. Extreme Defense is best started early with Wizard, then getting a level 5 gunner by Wave 40.

Gunner is the tower that will be used the most.

Do not forget to farm.

Best done on a week with an easier map.

Self.png Self Polaroid Complete both the Ghost Pepper Challenge and Carolina Reaper Gauntlet by yourself. Complete the Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper Challenge by yourself. Extreme Best done on a week with an easier map.

Reaper is banned.

Serverroomwiring.png Server Room Wiring Create a VERY dense death Beam. Place 1 Level 6 Accelerator, and then 50 Level 1 accelerators connected to the Level 6 Accelerator. Hard Best done with 6 players, and with the discount mastery perks.
Ohthemisery.png Oh the Misery The real quest was the friends you made along the way. Step 1: Complete canyon master and collect the orange flower. Then go to the duck in the waterfall and say "quack". It should say something.

Step 2: Complete oceanic reef master, collect the coral. And don't forget to go to the duck and say "quack". The duck should greet you back.

Step 3: Complete kraken island master, then walk up to the side of the kraken and "collect" it. Its near a duck, so its easier to locate. Go to the duck and say quack again.

Final: Go back to the lobby, on the level 2 outdoor area, there is a duck. Go to the Duck and say quack. It should send a letter to you after you say quack.

Extreme You can refer to this community made strategy:

If Telegraph or Telegram is blocked in your country, you can also use

Perfecthybrid.png Perfect Hybrid Scout Earn one of every badge that you can display on your profile card. A badge of true superiority. Obtain all the badges that are shown on your public profile card. This excludes limited-time badges such as the Winter Event badge. Very Extreme Only a small portion of players will realistically be able to obtain this badge due to the sheer amount of work required to achieve it.


  • Due to some of these badges being very difficult, they are best done in a easy Map such as Alpha Roads, though some badges require certain maps.
  • You should have an idea or strategy for harder badges, like 'God Crops' or 'Veni's Trio'. These can include what to place, where to place and if you should have an extra teammate with you for ease.
  • Some badges require deciphering a mail. that has been sent.


Image of Rosemi
  • "The Void Phoenix" is the only badge with an icon to not follow the style of the rest of the badges.
    • This is due to it being the first badge to be added to the game, and the developers may not have been considering the style of it.
  • The badge "A Rose for The Rose" is a reference to Rosemi Lovelock a VTuber from NIJISANJI EN's group OBSIDYIA.
  • The Game owner, Billie has held competitions for those who complete hard badges first, like the Diamond Dark Badge.