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Beacon is a Support tower that boosts the Firerate and Range of Towers within it's range, but does not attack at all, like the Farm tower. It can give Hidden Detection to Towers at Level 3, and boosts Firerate of all nearby Towers at Level 4 by 50% for 15 seconds. At max Level, beacon boosts the Firerate of all Towers by 50% and increases range by 50%. The Firerate boost caps at 65%. It belongs to the Amethyst Tribe.

"A helpful beacon built by the Amethysts. It does not deal any damage, but buffs towers in its radius. Its pretty lights make it a nice sight to see for the Amethysts, same with Rubies, but they don't want to admit it."

Mastery perk(s):


Beacons receive more range.

Price: 4Mastery Point(s)


Beacons Overdrive ability lasts 5 seconds longer.

Price: 4Mastery Point(s)


Level Cost Total Cost Range Change
Base 1,200Cash 1,200Cash 10
1 425Cash 1,625Cash 14 The flying Cube's color changes to glowy dark purple/magenta.
2 1,650Cash 3,275Cash 14 Small cubes are added in all 4 corners and increases Firerate by 10% for nearby towers.
3 3,050Cash 6,325Cash 14 A cube Icon is seen at the bottom, and gives hidden detection and a 15% Firerate boost for nearby towers.
4 20,450Cash 26,775Cash 14 Ability: Boosts all towers in its range by 50% firerate (does stack with current firerate) for 15 seconds. Beacon now boosts the Firerate by 20% for nearby towers.
5 (Master Upgrade) 55,465Cash 82,240Cash 14 The ability now gives an extra 50% range buff (does stack with current range buff) and can boost all towers on the board for 20 seconds. Beacon now boosts Towers with a 25% Firerate buff and 35% Range buff for nearby towers.



  • The Beacon is currently the tallest tower in the game.
  • The Beacon is a creation of the CELRIO company (revealed in one of the dialogues when you are being teleported to match).
    • CELRIO as of now is a generally mysterious company that has also created the Accelerator gun that Akari uses.

Update Log:

  • 5 November 2021
    • Level 4 Beacon Ability now lasts for 15 seconds
    • Level 4 Beacon Ability now buffs attack speed by 100%
    • Level 5 Beacon Ability now lasts for 30 seconds
    • Level 5 Beacon Ability now increases range by 50%
    • Level 5 Beacon Price decreased (64,650Cash > 55,465Cash)
  • 31 January 2022
    • Level 2 Beacon price increased (890Cash > 1,650Cash)
    • Level 2 Beacon now buffs affected tower's attack speed by 10%
    • Level 3 Beacon attack speed buff increased (10% > 15%)
    • Level 4 Beacon attack speed buff increased (15% > 20%)
    • Level 5 Beacon attack speed buff increased (20% > 25%)
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