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"Do we have a deal?"

Cassy is a Guardian Tower that can be bought in the shop for 5,000G. She is a Melee Tower and uses a Baseball Bat to punt and knock back enemies. She's created and designed by the Community Manager - Dion (Dionnooo).

"A cheerful demon that enjoys everything violent. Cassy punts zombies with her bat, knocking them back and dealing damage. She may not look like it, but she holds a strong power in her..."


Level Damage Firerate Range DPS Other
Default 4 1 7 4 N/A
1 4 1 7 4 Can knock back more enemies.
2 6 1 8 6 Increases damage and range.
3 6 0.9 8 6.7 Knocks enemies further, and swings faster.
4 8 0.9 8 9 Increases damage, and can detect hidden enemies.
5 10 0.85 9 11.8 Blood Loan: All Ruby Towers gain x2 attack speed for 6 seconds, but will become inactive for 2 seconds after. 45 seconds cooldown.
6 15 0.85 9 17.64 Increases damage and knockback
7 20 0.75 9 26.7 Increases damage, swings faster, and can hit more enemies.
8 30 0.75 9 40 Increases damage and knockback even more. Blood Loan effect now lasts for 7 seconds.
9 40 0.65 9 61.52 Increases damage, and swings faster.
10 70 0.65 10 107.7 Increases damage and range and can hit more enemies.
11 70 0.65 10 107.7 Knockback is increased, and can hit even more enemies.
12 130 0.55 10 236.3 Increases damage greatly, and swings even faster. Blood Loan effect now lasts 8 seconds.
13 130 0.55 11 236.3 Increases knockback and range
14 190 0.4 11 475 Damage, knockback, and attack speed is increased, and can hit more zombies in a single swing.
15 350 0.3 13 1,167 Damage and knockback becomes deadly, and all towers can have 2 master upgrades instead of 1. Make a deal. Blood Loan now lasts for 10 seconds and removes stun penalty.


  • Using Cassy in multiplayer is especially effective as level 15 can enable up to 8 master upgrades of a single tower at a time (up from 4)
    • If using Cassy for this reason in multiplayer, make sure only one player brings her as the effects won't stack.
  • Placing Cassy and a high-damage tower near each other is very effective as the knockback effect will allow Enemies to be damaged for longer.
  • Using Blood Loan during a rush of fast enemies isn't advised because the time towers are spend disabled can quickly prove fatal on shorter maps.
    • At level 15, you can use Cassy ability at any crucial timing without stun penalty
  • Cassy is mostly a support Guardian due to her stun, buffing ability and level 15 upgrade. She still has lots of capability in offense, however.


  • Technically Cassy is a guest character, as she wasn't made for Arena Tower Defense itself but rather added to the game without having anything to do with ATD.
    • This is because Cassy is an original character created by Dion before ATD was created, and was added because Dion agreed that she could be added to the game as a standalone character.
  • Cassy's real name is Cassandra.
  • In game, Cassy appears on the developer fact quote rotation. It states that she was made all in one day, however this is untrue.
    • Cassy had earlier in Arena : Ballistic, and was simply ported over to Defense, so she was not made in one day.
  • Cassy also appeared in another game before Arena Tower Defense, called "Arena : Ballistic!" which is another game created by ArenaDev.
  • Bosses are more resistant to Cassy's knockback effect and only get stalled minimally at worst.
  • Cassy was a character made by Community Manager Dion, and was not intended to be made for the game, until Billie wanted to add it.
  • Based on her lore, Cassy became first before Ruby Queen, as she is the 10th and Ruby Queen's 11th, but isn't destined to be the one on the throned.
    • The reason for this is because of her purple eyes, as purple is seen as the color of the rival team (Amethyst).
    • This was also hinted in the profile card, "Rest Stop".
    • Although the game's lore states this, in reality it is not canon when it comes to the character itself outside from Arena TD. This is because Cassandra is an original character created by Dion, meaning that she has entirely different lore outside from ArenaDev related games.
  • Cassy is one of the few towers to not have any major changes when being ported over from Arena: Ballistic, as seen by her existing page.


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