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Leaking codes that are not public (unreleased, meant for staff use) will result in a ban on the wikia, or anything as per request from developers. 
We are not responsible for those who leak codes. 

Codes are a feature of the game that allow a user to redeem products (such as towers, skins or currency), or to access certain features in game.

Codes work similarly to Mail, where both give a reward to a user, most usually on a special event.

These codes only apply to Arena Tower Defense, and not Arena : Ballistic.

List of codes
Code Reward Reason Available? Message
20MHybridCustomers 1,500Gold and 350StreetCred 20 Million Visits Milestone No C-Customer-sama.. P-please accept my g-gold and streetcred.. I-It's not like I like you or anything!
100KPeopleLove Angelwing Skin for Ruby Queen 100 Thousand Favorites Milestone. No You received the "Angelwing" skin for Ruby Queen!
DeepestApologies 700StreetCred Compensation for launching the update too soon leads to some data lost No I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Here's 700 StreetCred as compensation. - Billie
GoldenCommunity Golden Skin for the Beacon 5 Million Visits Milestone No You received the "Golden" skin for Beacon! also you are cute
Hyakuman! 1,000Gold and 1000 XP 1 Million Visits Milestone No 1000 Gold and 1000 XP for you. Thank you for supporting us, this means a lot to me. - Billie
JOHN 750Gold, 500 XP and John Skin for Mayla Partnership with John Roblox Yes We have a John code, but we won't add a John tower! You received 750 Gold and 500 XP!
WereSorry! 500Gold Compensation for server shutdowns No Sorry for the Inconvenience! Here's 500 Gold!
ArenaExplosion 2,500Gold 20K game visits No Thank you for supporting us! You have received 2500 Gold!
WomanTD Shadette Skin for the Artillerist 10K game visits No
HalloweenDowntime 5,500Gold
Given as compensation due to the October 2021 outage. Every hour of the outage, Billie would give 75Gold as compensation. No
AngelicCurse Corrupted Angel Skin for Theresa Halloween Skin No
October19 500Gold Introduction of codes No


  • The "JOHN" code is the first code to date to give XP, and more than one item at a time.
    • The second code would be "Hyakuman!"
  • According to a tweet by Billie, the ‚Äė20MHybridCustomers‚Äô and ‚Äė100KPeopleLove‚Äô codes were mixed up.