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What are Voids? They are zombies. Other than that I don't really know.

Enemies (also known as Voids or Zombies) are the entities you fight against in the game. They are only damaged by towers (excluding Farm and Beacon, of course) and have a health bar indicating how much life they have left. If this number drops to 0, they will die and disappear (except Void Lords death animations). Failing to kill an Enemy will result in it reaching your base, thereupon damaging your healthbar. If enough enemies reach your base, their health adding up to or surpassing your own health total, you lose.
They appear in waves, with each wave having a set amount of enemies, varying slightly between modes.
There are several different variations of enemies, each with different effects, such as Hidden, Armoured, Regenerate, and Lead, with more subtle differences between some, such as faster or tankier enemies. Damaging and killing enemies is the only way of obtaining cash without the help of Wave Cash, or certain towers like Mayla or Farm, making killing Enemies your primary source of income.


HP = Health Points

All enemies are listed by their first in game appearance, assuming that it's the lowest difficulty they can appear on. Note that enemies health increases with each wave, and the HP should be taken from the earliest possible appearance to keep absolute consistency.

Lead-type enemies are unable to be damaged by certain towers like Gunner and Sergeant unless buffed by Level 5 Ruby Queen or by reaching a specific level (e.g. Level 3 Gunner). Hidden-type enemies cannot be targeted if the tower doesn't have hidden detection. Hidden detection is obtainable by reaching certain levels on your towers, varying with the tower.

Some towers like Alien and Ice Cat don't have hidden detection; This can be counteracted by using a Level 3 Beacon, which gives hidden detection to all towers in it's radius. Alternatively, a Level 4 Magician can strip enemies of their hidden status, allowing other units to attack them, although this is a less reliable method.

If you want to make enemies become more difficult, you can add mutations when making a game. For more information about mutations you can check the page here.

Name HP Special First Appearance
WeakVoid.pngWeak Void 2 None Wave 1
NormalVoid.pngNormal Void 5 None -Wave 4 (Medium, Hard, Apocalypse, Master mode)

-Wave 5 (Easy mode)

ToughVoid.pngTough Void 8 None -Wave 7 (Medium, Hard, Apocalypse, Master mode)

-Wave 8 (Easy mode)

QuickVoid.pngQuick Void 4 None -Wave 9 (Hard, Apocalypse, Master mode)

-Wave 10 (Easy, Medium mode)

VoidGhost.pngVoid Ghost 10 Hidden Wave 15
LargeVoid.pngLarge Void 325 None Wave 20
ArmoredVoid.pngArmored Void 45 (includes 15 Armor) None Wave 21
HeavyVoid.pngHeavy Void 45 None Wave 23
LeadVoid.pngLead Void 80 Lead Wave 26
Placeholder.pngSpeedy Void TBA None Wave 26
DarkVoid.pngDark Void 100 None Wave 30
VoidMage.pngVoid Mage TBA Fire Wave 30
Placeholder.pngFuser Void TBA None Wave 30
VoidPhantom.pngVoid Phantom 122 Hidden Wave 32
ArmoredLargeVoid.pngArmored Large Void 735 (includes 337 Armor) None Wave 35
BeefyVoid.pngBeefy Void 3,000 None Wave 40
HealingVoid.pngHealing Void 102 Regenerate Wave 41
CarbonVoid.pngCarbon Void 150 Lead Wave 45
ArmoredBeefyVoid.pngArmored Beefy Void 5,212 (includes 2,100 Armor) None Wave 50
CloakedVoid.pngCloaked Void 700 Hidden(when Armored) Wave 57
HugeVoid.pngHuge Void 21,334 None Wave 60
ArmoredHugeVoid.pngArmored Huge Void 37,194 (includes 15,860 Armor) None Wave 60(Apocalypse, Master mode)
SwiftVoid.pngSwift Void 175 None Wave 61
AidingVoid.pngAiding Void 350 Regenerate Wave 61
Placeholder.pngDuplicator Void TBA None Wave 61
LargeLeadVoid.pngLarge Lead Void 2150 Lead Wave 62
TitaniumVoid.pngTitanium Void 450 Lead Wave 63
VoidGhoul.pngVoid Ghoul 500 Hidden Wave 64
DeadlyVoid.pngDeadly Void 650 None Wave 66
HauntingVoid.pngHaunting Void 2,222 Hidden Wave 70
MassiveVoid.pngMassive Void 166,667 None Wave 80

Void Lords

For more info, refer to: Void Lords

Name HP First Appearance
Amethystvoidlordresized.pngAmethyst Void Lord 1,000,000 Wave 100
Rubyvoidlordresized.pngRuby Void Lord 2,000,000 Wave 125
Hybridvoidlordresized.pngHybrid Void Lord 3,000,000 Wave 150

Winter Event 2021

All the enemies list here are exclusively available in Winter Event 2021 in the Black Blizzard map.

Name HP Special First Appearance
Cold Void 20 None Wave 1
Snow Void 15 None Wave 3
Iced Void 40 None Wave 6
Clear Void 30 Hidden Wave 10
Frozen Titan 1,100 None Wave 20
Dense Void 169 None Wave 21
Steel Void 96 Lead Wave 23
Void Conjurer 1,870

(includes 660 Armor)

Summon Wave 25
Chilled Void 233 None Wave 28
Void Blizzard 10,400 None Wave 35
Sentient Void 21,000 Stun Wave 40
Dark Ice 341 Hidden Wave 41
Super Chilled 468 None Wave 42
Arctic Void 48,000 Immune to fire Wave 50
Windy Void 648 None Wave 51
Frigid Void 3,401 Lead Wave 55
Frozen Guardian 133,501 None Wave 59
Absolute Zero 2,731,500 2 Abilities Wave 60

Ghost Pepper Challenge/Carolina Reaper Gauntlet

Name HP Special First Appearance
Mini Magma 5 Immune to burning DoT Wave 1
Normal Magma 8 Immune to burning DoT(?) Wave 3
Hot Magma 15 Immune to burning DoT(?) Wave 8
Magic Magma ? Immune to burning DoT(?)

When this void dies it creates an AoE that speeds up all enemies in it (excluding other Magic Magmas(?)).

Wave 33(?)
Magma Minion ? Immune to burning DoT(?) Wave 40 (CR), Wave 60 (GP)
Inferno Decoy ? TBA Wave 40
Inferno Boss 40k-10M/60k-30M Spawns Magma Minions every few seconds.

When at a 5th of her HP she spawns the Inferno Decoy and becomes un-targetable while the Inferno Decoy is alive.

Periodically creates a ring of fire that speeds up all Voids in it.

Wave 40


  • From Wave 25-onwards, enemies with more than 40 hp will have their health increased by 2 every wave, and enemies with less than 40 hp will have their health increased by 1 every 2 waves, however, the number of health increased will become higher with every waves that passes, and eventually, their speed will increase as well
  • Haunting voids can be really painful to deal with on master mode. To counter them, it is recommended that you use Fire Mage's Ruby Cripple ability to slow them down, or Artillerist's Nuclear Bomb ability to instantly kill them.
  • Low HP voids usually appear in groups, seeking to overwhelm you with sheer numbers over high health (Quick voids, Dark voids, etc.).
  • From wave 200-onwards, you will be facing Armored Massive Voids almost exclusively (excluding Void Lords).

Weak VoidNormal VoidTough VoidQuick VoidVoid GhostLarge VoidArmored VoidHeavy VoidLead VoidDark VoidVoid PhantomArmored Large VoidBeefy Void
Healing VoidCarbon VoidArmored Beefy VoidCloaked VoidHuge Void
Armored Huge VoidSwift VoidAiding VoidLarge Lead VoidTitanium VoidVoid GhoulDeadly VoidHaunting VoidMassive Void
Amethyst Void LordRuby Void LordHybrid Void Lord
Void MageFuser VoidVoid GuardianDuplicator VoidFlighty Void
Mini MagmaNormal MagmaHot MagmaMagic MagmaMagma MinionInferno DecoyInferno Boss
Cold VoidSnow VoidIced VoidClear VoidFrozen TitanDense VoidSteel VoidVoid ConjurerChilled VoidVoid BlizzardSentient VoidDark IceSuper ChilledArctic VoidWindy VoidFrigid VoidFrozen GuardianAbsolute Zero
Hydra Witch
Test Void