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Fire Mage

Fire Mage (Aoso)

"If you can't take the heat, get out of my sight!"

The Fire Mage is a tower that uses ruby magic to cripple and harm enemies. Her Tribe is Ruby.

"This fox is more powerful than you think. Aoso gives a blast of fire to any incoming enemies, and uses ruby magic to cripple the incoming horde."

Mastery perk(s):


Fire Mage gains +1 range.

Price: 2Mastery Point(s)


Fire Mage burns enemies when attacking, dealing damage overtime.

Price: 4Mastery Point(s)


Upgrade Description:

  • Level 1 - Experienced Alchemy: Increases range and pierce.
  • Level 2 - Hotter Flames: Increases damage and attack speed.
  • Level 3 - Nocturnal Vision: Can detect hidden enemies, and increases damage and range.
  • Level 4 - Fierce Flames: Damage increases heavily, attacks faster, and pierce is increased.
  • Level 5 - Ruby Cripple: Ability: All zombies spawn with 50% speed for 15 seconds. 60 second cooldown. The ultimate Fire Fox.
  • Level 6 - Bloodfire Master: Ruby Cripple becomes permanent, and ability makes all zombies spawn with 75% health for 15 seconds.
Level Upgrade Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range DPS Total Cost/DPS Change
Base 350Cash 350Cash 1 0.55 8 1.82 277.8 Base
1 305Cash 655Cash 2 0.55 9 3.64 223.6 N/A
2 625Cash 1,280Cash 4 0.4 9 10 159.5 Attire changes to orange, including ears, tail, and dress.
3 2,250Cash 3,530Cash 18 0.4 9 45 105.6 Wears a kitsune(きつね) mask. 'Kitsune' means fox in Japanese.
4 7,010Cash 10,540


40 0.3 9 133.33 94.9 Tail bursts with fire along with her arm bands.
5 9,850Cash 20,390Cash 60 0.15 9 500 73.3 Attire turns completely red.
6 (Master Upgrade) 320,000Cash 340,390Cash 650 0.1 10 6,500 124.8 Clothing and hair turns black, and fire turns completely red.


  • Fire Mage 'summons' a ring of fire around her, killing enemies affected in range. She also gets the Ruby Cripple ability at later levels.
  • Because of Fire Mage's short range, it is recommended to place her on turns, where you can use most of her range.
  • Multiple Level 4 Fire Mages can be really good for mid game, however, you should still work on getting atleast 2 Level 5 Fire Mages before wave 70, as her Ruby Cripple is very useful to slowdown the hordes of enemies that come in that wave giving your towers more time to attack them.
  • This tower has a wiki staff exclusive skin.


  • Fire Mage is the first tower that uses fire as her main defense tactic the second being Pyro.
    • Even though Gunner's Level 3 upgrade name is "Incendiary Ammunition", he uses bullets and guns as its main defense, not fire.
  • Since she has the ability to damage multiple enemies, a Level 2 Fire Mage can attack Ghost Voids indirectly if there is a detectable enemy on her range, however you should not rely on this so much as Ghosts usually come first than other enemies. You should get a Level 3 Fire Mage instead.
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