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"This'll be fun.."

The Gunner is a high firerate tower. The Gunner mainly uses automatic weapons, and is considered to be the best tower for Endless.

The Gunner uses an array of weapons, from his MP5/10, AK47, P90 to fictitious modified P90s.

"Dawn uses automatic weapons as his main offense, shredding groups of voids coming his way. He might not look like it, but he's highly trained."

Mastery perk(s):


Gunners take up 10% less space than normal.

Price: 2Mastery Point(s)


Level 5 Gunner upgrade is 15% cheaper.

Price: 4Mastery Point(s)


Level 6 Gunner's maximum damage is increased by 500.

Price: 5Mastery Point(s)


Level Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range DPS Cash/DPS Change
Base 2,000Cash 2,000Cash 2 0.06 14 33.3 60 Base
1 495Cash 2,495Cash 2 0.06 19 33.3 74.9 N/A
2 1,760Cash 4,255Cash 3 0.06 20 50 85.1 MP10 upgrades to AK-47
3 3,640Cash 7,895Cash 8 (+4 to larger voids) 0.06 20 133.3 59.2 N/A
4 7.625Cash 15,520Cash 18 (+6 to larger voids) 0.04 22 250 62.1 AK-47 changes to P90
5 36055Cash 51575Cash 65 (+12 to larger voids) 0.03 24 2166.7 23.8 Gunner gains glowy orange wings and winged shades; P90 upgrades to neon orange KFP90
6 (Master Upgrade) 250420Cash 301995Cash 160 (+50 to larger voids) 0.03 28 5333.3 (Min)

50666.6 (Max)

56.6± Gunner's glowy winged shades and wings change to dark purple color; KFP90 upgrades to KFParagon
6 (Kitsutori Variant) - - 120 0.025 30 4,800 (min) 100,000 (max) 94.4± Gunner's glowy shades and wings colors change to red.


  • The Level 5 and 6 Gunner Deals splash damage and is required to go far in Endless.
  • Many players use low level Gunners to deal with early Hidden Voids.
  • However, he doesn't get lead penetration until level 5.
  • This is mainly to conserve cash for later on in the game as Gunners are still one of the most viable choices for going late game and beyond.
  • From Wave 61 onwards, it is required to upgrade Gunners to Level 5 as the rushes of high health Voids can overwhelm single targeting towers, including Level 4 Gunners and below.


  • A Level 6 Gunner can deal up to 1,520 damage from 142 KFP90's on the whole board.
    • The Kitsutori version requires 119 KFP90's to max out at 2,500 damage.
  • There is also the Kitsutori Badge that is linked to getting a Level 6 Gunner.
  • This is widely considered to be one of the best towers in game.
  • Getting a Level 6 Gunner in Ancient Dunes will cause the map's skybox to turn into a void-like space, and you will get a badge for doing so.
  • The best Guardians to bring when using the Gunner are Cassy and Ruby Queen due to their buffs favoring Ruby towers.
  • Dawn is the brother of Fade.
  • Dawn's full name is Dawn Usagikami.

Update Logs

  • 6 November 2021
    • Level 5 Gunner now deals splash damage
    • Level 5 Gunner damage increased (30 > 35)
    • Level 6 Gunner base damage increased (40 > 80)
  • 22 Januray 2022
    • Level 0 Gunner attack speed increased (0.1s > 0.06s)
    • Level 4 Gunner attack speed increased (0.065s > 0.04s)
    • Level 5 Gunner attack speed increased (0.05s > 0.03s)
    • Level 5 Gunner splash pierce decreased (5 > 4)
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