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One of the higher ranks in the Nekokami Clan, Hayaka spawns ice shards to deal piercing damage to enemies, while summoning tornados to blow them back. A master mage of cryology AND anemology.

Hayaka is a Guardian ranged tower that can be bought in the Special Shop for 3,500SC. She released along with the 2021 Winter Event, along with her Skin, Void Ice Hayaka.

She is considered as a Support tower that uses magic to blow back enemies with tornadoes for every 4th attack and freeze enemies for every 5th attack and with her ability, Embrittlement.


Level Damage Firerate Range DPS Max DPS Other
Default 2 0.9 16 2.2 2.2 N/A
1 3 0.9 16 3.3 3.3 Increased Damage.
2 3 0.8 17 3.75 3.75 Increased Range and firerate.
3 3x3 0.8 17 3.75 12.25 Shoots 3 shards, being able to hit more enemies.
4 10x3 0.8 16 12.5 37.5 Increased damage, pierce and gains hidden detection.
5 10x3 0.7 17 14.3 42.9 Gains lead damage. Every 4th attack fires a tornado, blowing voids back.
6 20x3 0.7 17 28.6 85.8 Increased damage and range. Every 5th attack freeze nearby enemies for 1 second.
7 20x3 0.7 17 28.6 85.8 Gains Embrittlement ability; Freeze the strongest void on the board, making them take 3 more damage from all sources. 25s Cooldown.
8 30x3 0.6 17 50 150 Increased damage and firerate as well as much stronger tornado.
9 30x3 0.5 19 60 180 Increased range and firerate.
10 50x5 0.5 19 100 500 Increased damage. Shard count increased to 5.
11 50x5 0.4 20 125 625 Increased range and firerate. Embrittlement debuff increased to 15.
12 70x5 0.4 20 175 875 Increased damage. Tornado blows back further.
13 80x5 0.4 20 200 1000 Increased damage and pierce.
14 80x5 0.3 22 266.7 1333.33 Increased range and firerate. Tornado blows back even further.
15 100x9 0.15 22 666.7 6000 Shard count increased to 9. Embrittlement debuff increased to 20 and affects all enemies.


  • Hayaka is the 2nd tower in the game to have an attack that inflicts knockback, Cassy being the first.
  • Hayaka is the first tower to have a release skin.
    • They also are the first tower to release along with an Event.
  • Inferring from the 2021/2022 New Years Mail, Mayla appears to dislike Hayaka, and her clan all together.
  • There is a statue of Hayaka in the City map.
    • This statue was added before Hayaka was released to the game.
  • Hayaka's Void Ice skin is the only skin to use the same upgrade logos as the default skin.
  • Hayaka was originally meant to be an ice cat skin, but the developers decided that it would be better suited as a tower itself.


  • Embrittlement cannot freeze Massive Voids or Void Lords, but it can still apply its debuff to them.
  • Hayaka is a really strong powerhouse in the late game when she can constantly applies slow and knockback to enemies.
  • Due to Embrittlement giving additive bonus damage per hit, towers with high fire rates like Sergeant and Gunner are recommended.
  • Keep in mind that when Hayaka shoots, she shoots out multiple shards, allowing her to deal thousands of damage if multiple shards hit.
  • Due to her shards being able to pierce through multiple enemies, placing her near straight lines can allow her to fully maximize her pierce and damage output.
    • This is especially useful early game to prevent losing lives or worse, losing the game.

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