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"Sure, I can get rid of them"


The Hitman is a tower that uses a Colt Python to shoot voids. At higher levels, he unlocks the ability to make a zombie worth 10x more, and attacks faster the further zombies are on the track, though the only way he can harm Leads is using his curse passive ability that is unlocked at level 4 which instantly kills enemies under a certain amount of hp. His tribe is Hybrid.

"Need someone gone? Haezo does the job. Haezo uses a Colt Python to shoot off the voids with a strong punch. You can trust him to perform well, as long as the payment is handsome. "

Mastery Perk(s):


Level 5 Hitman produces an extra 50$ per wave.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Level 5 Hitman can curse 2 enemies at once.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Upgrade description:

  • Level 1 - Execution Training: Increases attack speed and can detect hidden enemies
  • Level 2 - Deadly Ammunition: Increases damage and range.
  • Level 3 - Bounty Motivation: Increase damage even more, and increased attack speed.
  • Level 4 - Deal with the Demon: Curses a random weak enemy every 3 seconds, killing them instantly. Also uses a shotgun for defense.
  • Level 5 - No Escapees: Uses a Spas-12, and attacks faster the further enemies are on the track. Also gives income every wave.
  • Level 6 - Hitlist's Most Wanted: Unlocks an ability that marks the strongest enemy on the board, making them give 10x more income and removing their hidden status. Also increases income earned by other Hitmen.

Level Upgrade Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range DPS Total Cost/DPS Change
Base N/A 420Cash 4 1 16 4 130 N/A
1 140Cash 560Cash 4 0.9 16 4.4 150 N/A
2 520Cash 1,080Cash 8 0.9 18 8.8 143.8 Wears a grey coat.
3 750Cash 1830Cash 12 0.8 18 15 143 N/A
4 3020Cash 4850Cash 20 0.7 18 35.7 144.7 Fire emits from his arms and head. Revolver changes to a shotgun.
5 4250Cash 9100Cash 50 0.5 19 120 118.3 Coat and fedora become black and shotgun changes into a Spas-12, now gives 350$ every wave.
6 (Master Upgrade) 31525Cash 35625Cash 165 0.4 20 412.5 132.7 Coat, fedora, and fire become purple, now boosts other Hitman's income by 50%.


  • Due to being cheap, and dealing a lot of damage early on, Haezo is a viable early game tower.
    • Do note though, that he does have a slow firerate, which means that he should not be the first tower placed due to the first waves being rushes of low health Weak Voids.
      • Haezo will leak early game enemies if solely rely on him. You should switch the early game tower away from this tower if you're going on Master or Grandmaster Mode.
  • Haezo excels later in the game due to his quick firerate and high damage at later levels.
  • Haezo is a good alternative to farm, especially if solo.
    • However take note that he is affected by the "No farm" restriction in Apocalypse and Master modes, meaning that the restriction cannot be exploited this way. However the Master Haezo's ability can still produce cash but it is rather cost inefficient. Best used if going through endless.
    • Haezo doesn't contribute to Amethyst Void Lord and Hybrid Void Lord's healing abilities as well. This means that he can be used to work towards economy while not contribute to the said Void Lord's abiltiies as the regular Farm contributes to it. Take note however that the Master Haezo ability does not work on Void Lords.


  • This is similar to Tower Defense Simulator's Cowboy tower because both of them can give money while attacking however Haezo can give more money.
    • Both also contribute to the economic advantage differently. Tower Defense Simulator's Cowboy tower gives cash based on amount of shots while Haezo gives cash every wave and makes enemies give more cash when damaged.
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