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This page aims to guide new users on how to play the game, and showing how the mechanics work.
Note that english is the lingua francia of the game and wiki, if you are using a translator, certain words/texts may change.

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<insert UI that cant be seen by lvl0 players>

PC Controls

You can see the full list of keybinds here. You can make use of the basic WSAD keybinds, space to jump, and RMB/LMB to Jump/Select etc.

Mobile/Tablet UIs

For Mobile and tablet, these are relatively similar, however there is an addition of the Joystick and Jump buttons.

Starting Out

When you enter the game and look down to the Tower UIs, you will see that you are given a free gift, the Sergeant and the Sniper Towers. The Shop UI will open them, and you can see the full list of towers, and how much of each currency you have. You start of with 0Gold and 0XP. You will get 100Gold from the mail later. To get more Gold, you can either redeem Codes or purchase some with Robux (by clicking the '+' Sign). XP is not purchasable.

You will see a few tabs above. There are purchasable Skins on the Skins section, all cost Gold.

Navigate over to the Special Shop Section, and you will see more items on display. There is also a new currency StreetCred, that is used to purchase special items. This is one of the more exclusive currencies in game.

Close off the 'Shop' tab, and lets take a look through the UIs.


Firstly, your Inventory. Press the suitcase icon. Refer to the image below to know how to navigate. <image>

Here, there are also profile cards (the right most tab). These are purchasable, or earnable. Profile cards are purely cosmetic, and are what players see when they tap your avatar.


Next are the settings. You can redeem Codes at the bottom of the page, and tune the settings to how you like. Some settings may not apply to new players, such as Mastery Perks and the Special Tag.


Navigating over to daily, these are daily challenges that you can do, to earn StreetCred and XP. There are 3 every 8 hours, and they come in varying difficulties.


This is where you can find Mail from game characters. Everyone starts with the 'Welcome to the Hybrid Cafe!' Mail, which gives a similar introduction to the game as how i did. Press claim to collect the rewards.

The following are features that cannot be accessed by new players. You can see more below.

The Lobby

When you spawn into the lobby, can spawn in various locations of the lobby, such as infront of the Cafe counter, on Level 2 etc.. The Hybrid Cafe is what you are standing in, and has a few features. If you are not already on Level 1, navigate your way down to see the leaderboards and update log. There is also an artist corner, showcasing art from the community.

Over at Level 1, you can collect a cup of coffee to drink, or pizza on Fridays.

To start playing, head over to any table, and sit on the chair. This is the Game Creator. A UI will pop up explaining this. Once you are done reading Click 'Okay'.

Firstly, you can click on the map to change your choice. There are many Maps in game. It is recommended to choose an Easy Map like Alpha Roads or City. These are the easier maps in the game. (Note: Arena is harder than it looks, try some other easy maps).

Next, you can select your gamemode. To start off select easy. There are other gamemodes of which you can select when you level up. You can also choose a mutation to make your game harder but gives better reward at the same time, however it is not recommended for new players.

Finally, the green bars denote the amount of players that can sit to play with you, with the number of bars lit up corresponding to the players.

Once you have selected, you just wait for a few seconds and you will get teleported. If you are going solo, you will get teleported in 5 seconds, but if there are more people, You will be teleported in 30 seconds. You can leave the chairs prior to teleportation.


When you first load in, you will notice that there are no more UIs on the side, only your tower UI, a health bar, a Wave indicator, cash and countdown. All players start with _x_Cash, or _x_Cash If they have the Mastery Perk and the mode is not Master/Grandmaster.

You can get more money by damaging voids (each health translates to 1 cash), if your teamates damage voids, or through income towers like the Farm or Hitman. Note that if your temamates damage voids, you will only get a fraction of the cash. This can range from ¾ to ⅖ of the cash, depending on the gamemode.

At the beginning, the entrance is clearly labelled. voids come out of this point and head down the path. After the starting wave, arrows indicate where voids come out from. Voids follow the path. Some voids can have differing immunities, like the [Void Phantom], which cannot be detected by the Technician as the technician is hidden. Some Voids can also stun towers for a set period of time, or freeze your cards so that you cannot place these towers. Examples are the Sentient Void and the Absolute Zero respectively.

To defend against these voids, you need to place towers. You can only place Towers in certain areas, which are defined by if the circle around it is blue. You may not be able to place towers even if the range circle is blue due to other towers being present or obstacles on the map. The blue circle of the tower indicates the range of the tower. If an enemy crosses into the blue range, The tower will attack it, so long the enemy does not have an immunity to that tower.

To place down a tower, click the tower icon you want to place down, or a specific keybind. You can use the Q key to cancel placement and the R key to rotate placement. For tablet/mobile users, you need to double tap to select and place down towers. You can only place down 1 Guardian in all modes, and a maximum of 40 towers in a solo match.
Towerplacement.png 1 2 3 4 5 (1).png Abilitykeybinds.png
Some towers have abilities at later levels. You can click the button at the side to use them, and it will last for a few seconds before resetting into a cooldown. These abilities can boost the towers potential and capacity, such as lowering the firerate, or more damage for a certain time. Not all towers have abilities, but some include the Beacon or Hayaka.

The Magician has an ability to spawn units at its maximum level. Units travel down the path, but do not pose a threat to your base. They either collide with enemies and or attack enemies to deal extra damage. Once these units reach the entrance, they will be automatically removed. More towers that have units include Level 0+Nekoro and the Level 6 Technician.

On the top of the UI, you can see a Health Bar. The value depends on the mode you are playing. For example if you are on the easy mode, there is 200 health. For each enemy that reaches the end, their health is taken away from the total health. The shield health of an enemy does not decrease the match health. If the health health reaches 0, you will lose. Some towers have features that use their health to their advantage. For example, Theresa renews your health from a certain level onwards. Delta also has an ability to take away your health in exchange for more damage.

Below the Health bar, there are 2 texts. The left text is the current wave. The right text is the remaining amount of time for the wave to end/wave to start. After a certain amount of time, a skip wave box appears which you can accept or decline. It requires the stated amount of votes for the vote to continue. For example, 0/2 means that 0 players have voted to skip the wave and 2 players are required to skip the wave. Skipping the wave means that you get the wave reward early but that also means that the next wave starts early, meaning that enemies can create huge hordes. Completing a wave results in the wave reward being granted to place or upgrade towers. Depending on the gamemode, there are set amount of waves, as stated below the health bar. The endless gamemode is the only one not to have this feature, as waves do not end.

Tapping, clicking or placing a tower will open its upgrade box. There you can see various information about the tower. The next features in the next upgrade are shown, as well as the next upgrade's name, level and icon. You can upgrade towers with cash, assuming you have enough. The level of the tower is denoted by the green blocks. In this game, all towers have special 'Master' upgrades, that are extremely expensive, but provide overpowering results. These are all the last upgrade, and the button is labelled purple. See the individual pages of the Towers to find out more. On the top of the upgrade box UI shows its range, damage and firerate. You can sell towers to get a fraction of the money back, although some gamemodes do not allow selling and reselling. Next to the tower selling feature is the targetting feature in blue. Tap to rotate the diffrent choices. These choices can range between towers, and their abilities. You can also see the total damage of a tower in the upgrade box. For Farm tower, this statistic is not the total damage but the total cash generated.

When you finish a game, you can either Win or Loose it. On the endless gamemode, it is only possible to loose. A UI will pop up showing the statistics of the given match, like the time of the match, rewards, and a win/loose message. You have two choices, you can either Teleport back to the lobby, or (with the exception of this UI on the endless gamemode), proceed to do endless.