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Ice Cat



Ice Cat is a support tower that uses her magic staff to freeze and slow zombies around her temporarily. She can't freeze large bosses like the Large Void but will slow them down temporarily (excluding the Massive Void). She belongs to the Hybrid Tribe.

At level 6, she gains the ability to freeze all enemies on the board for 5 seconds (still only slowing down Large Bosses).

This tower does not have hidden detection at any level.

"Kristal uses her magic staff to freeze zombies around her temporarily. Her cold blows deal frostbiting damage to enemies coming her way."

Mastery Perk(s):


Ice Cat gains +1 pierce.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Level 5 Ice Cat makes affected enemies deal +3 damage from other attacks.

Price: 4Mastery Point(s)


  • Level 1 - Cold Scratch: Increases freezing time.
  • Level 2 - Larger Aura: Increases Range
  • Level 3 - Frostbite: Increases damage and freezes enemies faster.
  • Level 4 - Cryo Paws: Increases damage, range, and freezes enemies faster.
  • Level 5 - Artic Feline: Incweased damage and wange. This kyute cat will fweeze u to def!!
  • Level 6 - Subzero Sneeze: Ability: Freezes ALL zombies on the board for 5 seconds.
Levels Upgrade Cost Total Cost Damage Firerate Range Brittle DPS Cosmetic Changes
Base N/A 350Cash 1 2.5 9 0.4 N/A
Level 1 145Cash 495Cash 1 2.5 9 0.4 N/A
Level 2 325Cash 820Cash 1 2.5 11 0.4 Gains 8 floating ice crystals.
Level 3 605Cash 1425Cash 5 2 11 5 2.5 Gains another 8 ice crystals, totaling 16.
Level 4 1125Cash 2550Cash 10 1.75 13 25 5.7 Her jacket turns into a coat with a few holes/tears.
Level 5 2765Cash 5315Cash 20 1.75 15 11.4 Her coat becomes a darker shade of blue.
Level 6 (Master Upgrade) 17875Cash 23190Cash 40 1.25 17 32 TBA


  • Even though Ice Cat does not have the best damage, she is decent at holding back enemies due to her slow and freeze.
  • Unlike other towers, Ice Cat does not have hidden detection at any level.
    • Beacon can grant Ice Cat hidden detection at level 3, but it is not ideal for early game.
  • It's recommended to place her next to other towers.


  • Ice Cat was designed by Billie, one of the main developers of ArenaTD.
    • This is the reason that she took longer to release.
  • Ice Cat is one of the ATD characters to have an official art as one of the thumbnails.
    • The art resembles the level 6 of her.
    • The other characters are: Pyro, Magician, Evil Theresa & Theresa (both are in the same picture) and Amethyst Void Lord.
      • There are much more but the rest can only be seen through Google and other places.
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