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List of Keybinds

Keybinds are a feature in the game that help you play with ease. Here is a full list of what keybinds you can use. Keybinds are essentially shortcuts meant to help you play play the game easier.

Note: For tower placement, numbers go from left to right in ascending order. In this case, if I wanted to place the Fire Mage, I would be using the keybind 2.


Key Situation Action
1 All Select tower slot 1
2 All Select tower slot 2
3 All Select tower slot 3
4 All Select tower slot 4
5 All Select tower slot 5
Q While placing towers Cancel tower placement
R While placing towers Rotate tower placement
Q Tower selected Sell
E Tower selected Upgrade
LeftShift Tower selected Change Targeting
F Tower selected Activate Ability 1
G Tower Selected Activate Ability 2 (if any)
1 2 3 4 5 (1).png