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Wiki Staff are staff who are committed to work on the Wikia. There are 3 types of Wiki Staff - Wiki Admins, Wiki Moderators and Thread Moderators.

The only Wiki Staff that also works for the game enews (enewssg). Please only ask ArenaDev Staff for game or Discord support.

enews Owner
Kaoru Wiki Admin
justtimetoplayfe2 Wiki Admin
charizarddragonrage Content Moderator
Aaden Content Moderator

Game/ Discord staff

For your convenience, we have included a list of Game staff. Except for enews, DO NOT contact them for Wiki Issues.

Note: Developers have their Wiki Accounts verified.

Casey Moderator
ball Moderator
enews Moderator
Nekomander Moderator
riou Moderator
Dion Community Manager
Miyamoto Chief Executive Officer
Deadox Lead Developer
Billie Main Developer

For Official support, go to the #support channel in the Discord. You may use the tickets to ask for Wiki Support or Discord Help.

Retired Wiki Staff We currently do not keep logs on Game Staff pending their resignations or leavings.

SlasherZA Wiki Founder
t3l Wiki Admin