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Magician (Fade)

"Wanna see a cool trick?"

The Magician is a tower that throws her sharp cards towards towers, doing damage. She can also perform magic, be able to reveal hidden enemies at Level 4 with the ability to summons 50 rabbits to ram zombies on her Level 6 upgrade makes her a good backline defense. She performs best in mid-game, due to her low fire rate and damage early game.

"A committed entertainer that always has tricks up her sleeve. Her special card-throwing tricks deliver sharp damage to nearby enemies."

Mastery perk(s):


Magician's Rabbit Stampede is 25% stronger.

Price: 3Mastery Point(s)


Level 6 Magician upgrade is 1500$ cheaper.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Level 4 Magician and above deal extra damage to larger voids.

Price: 2Mastery Point(s)


Upgrade description:

  • Level 1 - Extra Precision: Increases range
  • Level 2 - Cutting Edge: Sharper cards allow to deal extra damage.
  • Level 3 - Magician's Secret: Cards deal more damage, increase range, throw cards almost twice as fast
  • Level 4 - Shimmering Cards: Allow hidden detection with shimmering cards that damage lead zombies. all enemies hit with these cards also lose their hidden status.
  • Level 5 - Top Magician: Cards deal 25 damage, and the throwing rate is doubled. A master of foolery, everything she does is part of the act
  • Level 6 - Rabbit Stampede: Summons 50 Rabbits at the end of the track, being able to ram 47,500 HP worth of zombies. 45 Second Cooldown.
Level Upgrade Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range DPS Total Cost/DPS Cosmetic Change
Base X 400Cash 2 0.7 15 2.84 140.8 N/A
1 90Cash 490Cash 2 0.7 18 2.84 176.1 N/A
2 325Cash 815Cash 4 0.7 18 5.68 145.2 Gains a top hat
3 650Cash 1465Cash 8 0.45 21 17.76 135.1 Gains a cloak
4 1225Cash 2690Cash 11 0.4 24 27.5 163.6 Changes the card color from grey to purple
5 2740Cash 11995Cash 25 0.15 24 166.5 55.9 Cloak gains a golden strip and the cards also changes to gold
6 22095Cash 34090Cash 40 0.1 24 400 170.8 Changes the card color from gold to red


  • Although slightly costly for early game, Magician's hidden removing properties and chaining can be a very good tool for early game.
  • This tower is not recommended for late game as her only late game option is the 'Rabbit Stampede', otherwise its a very good tower for dealing with Large Voids and Beefy Voids effectively.
  • The AoE her attacks leave behind past level 5 are very good for dealing with hordes of enemies, even with higher hp enemies.


  • The old level 6's ability "Now You See Me" is most likely a reference to the movie trilogy of the same name
  • Fade is the older sister of Dawn.
  • Fade is the one who manages the Archives.
  • A magician is a person who shows the audience tricks those seem impossible to do with the help of illusions and sometimes other people.
    • However in term of "magic", there are 2 types of magic: illusion magic and fictional magic.
    • An illusion magic is a type of magic real people can perform but requires mastering skills.
      • This is the type of magic the Magician tower uses.
    • A fictional magic is a type of magic which is completely impossible for everyone including magicians but showed in cartoons, movies etc. Mostly are beyond the sense of reality like flying and a lot more.
      • A person who performs this kind of magic won't be called "magician", normally they'll be called "wizard" instead but due to the possibilities of the stories, the person who performs this kind of magic can be something else and in this case, they'll be called along with what they are.
      • This is the kind of magic the Wizard tower uses.
      • This type of magic can be split further into 3 types of magic: bless magic, dark magic and curse.
        • Bless magic is the innocent type of magic where most of the time it won't be used for the evil purposes.
        • Dark magic is usually the type of magic, more powerful than bless magic and more used in an evil purposes but comes with a cost of being forced to promise to the dark magic itself to not do something, otherwise the dark magic will eliminate the user with their own power.
          • This type of magic is a belief in real life, usually related to the belief of ghosts in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea.
        • Curse is a type of magic similar to Dark magic but no one can control it, usually has negative effects to anyone with it.
          • This type of magic is also a belief in real life on the same topic in the same regions.
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