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"Final Boss. Dang. He's almost as big as you. Atleast he's slow. Give him all you got!"


The Massive Void is one of the final Enemies that you encounter, first debuting in Hard Mode as the mode's final boss. It boasts massive health, having the second highest in the game, second only to the Void Lords, albeit accompanied by a slow speed.

The Massive Void is a force to be reckoned with later on during Endless mode, as its already massive HP increasing and the fact that it's spawned by the Void Lords makes it a massive threat. The Massive Void is also immune to all effects making it even more lethal.

Past Wave 200 in Endless mode, Armored Massive Voids are almost exclusively the only non-boss enemy that appears.


The Massive Void is a colossal purple Void with a diamond-plated chest and legs. It wears a purple Dominus on its head.

Its armored variant wears a mass of rusted metal on its torso.


  • The Massive Void is one of the very few Enemies to be immune to every effect, the others being the Void Lords and Absolute Zero.
  • The Massive Void shares the same appearance with the Test Void.

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