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"Money isn't a problem, it's a blessing."

Mayla is a Guardian Tower that can be bought in the shop for 5,000G$. She uses a M107 and is the only known tower to have infinite range. She gives discounts to towers as well as giving cash to the player and boosts the income of towers as she is leveled up. She costs 1250$ in game.

"Other than money, Mayla likes to bring her Barret 50. Cal around the field. She can snipe voids from across the map and also offers an advantage on earning more cash. Nothing illegal here."


Level Damage Firerate Range DPS Other
Default 20 2.5 Infinite 8 Generates $100 per wave.
1 20 2.25 Infinite 8.9 Increases firerate, and generates $150 per wave.
2 23 2.25 Infinite 10.2 Increases damage.
3 23 2.25 Infinite 10.2 Bullets now ricochet up to 4 zombies within 3.5 studs.
4 23 2 Infinite 11.5 Increases firerate.
5 23 2 Infinite 11.5 Generates 300$ per wave.
6 23 2 Infinite 11.5 Bullets can ricochet between more zombies.
7 30 2 Infinite 15 Veterans Discount: All towers gain an extra 1% discount on their upgrades every wave, maxes out at 5%. Doesn't apply to other guardians.
8 60 2 Infinite 30 Increases damage and bullets can ricochet between more zombies.
9 60 1.75 Infinite 34.3 Increases firerate.
10 60 1.75 Infinite 34.3 Generous Allowance gives 750$ per wave.
11 60 1.75 Infinite 34.3 Increases ricochet range, and Veterans Discount now gives 2% off every wave and maxes at 10%.
12 140 1.5 Infinite 93.3 Increases damage and firerate.
13 140 1.25 Infinite 112 Increases firerate, and bullets ricochet between more zombies.
14 230 1.25 Infinite 112 Generous Allowance now gives 2,500$ per wave.
15 550 1.25 Infinite 340 Damage and ricochet becomes deadly, and Veterans Discount gives 5% every wave and maxes at 15%, also affects Master Upgrades.


  • Mayla has extreme value in the late game, as her discount can greatly decrease tier 5 and paragon costs.
  • Mayla still has value in Apocalypse, as her discount and income boost still apply in the mode.
    • Do keep in mind she will not generate cash at the end of each wave.
  • Due to her range, it is recommended that you place her in the corner of the map as to not waste space for other towers.
  • Mayla is a great support Guardian as she can generate lots of money while helping kill tankier and hidden enemies early game, which is especially helpful in Master mode.


  • She is one of 2 attack towers that can generate cash, the other being Hitman.
    • She was not a economic tower initially, this feature was added later.
  • The John Mayla skin is one of the few skins that can change the name of the Tower when hovered.
  • Mayla is the number 1 tower with the most changes to her stats in the game with a total of 9 recorded updates dating back to November 5th 2021.
    • This is due to her dramatic economic impact in the game being very hard to balance.
    • Mayla is also banned in Grandmaster mode, likely because of the reason above.
  • Mayla's range is labeled as 4.5, even though she has infinite range.
    • Technically, she doesn't actually have infinite range due to the limit being 9223372036854775807. This is the (signed) 64-bit integer limit on a computer.
    • The same applies to Accelerator which has infinite range as well.
  • Mayla invests in CELRIO.
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