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"They're all mine!"

Nekoro is a Guardian that can be bought in the shop for 5,000G$. She spawns Voids that act as a unit and harm enemy Voids. She is one of the slowest Guardians to level up without spending money, with the other Guardian being Cassy.

"An absolute master of reviving the undead. Nekoro absorbs health from voids and uses it to create her own army. Though she means no harm to the other tribes."

Spawn System

When the tower does damage (or any other source of damage including towers and zombies after Nekoro reaches level 5), the damage dealt is stored like a currency - referred to here as "nekomancy points".

Nekoro has a time where she will decide to summon a zombie. when she does this she checks the following conditions:

- Are there any tracks that contain an enemy?

- Can I afford to summon any zombie with the current amount of nekomancy points?

If the conditions are met, she will summon the strongest affordable zombie on the track that has the enemy that is closest to the exit. Stronger zombies are more expensive than the weaker ones in terms of nekomancy points. Once this is done, it will deduct nekomancy points from the current balance. If Nekoro cannot afford any spawnable zombie it will spawn Undead Void's till it gets enough nekomancy points to summon different zombies.


Level Damage Firerate Range DPS Spawns
Default 2 0.7 14 2.9 None
1 2 0.7 14 2.9 Undead Void 2 HP
2 4 0.7 14 5,7 Undead Void
3 4 0.6 15 6.7 Undead Void
4 7 0.6 15 11.7 Cured Void 14 HP
5 7 0.6 16 11.7 Cured Void
6 15 0.5 16 30 Cured Void
7 25 0.5 16 50 Stimulated Void 125 HP
8 25 0.4 18 62.5 Stimulated Void
9 40 0.4 18 100 Stimulated Void
10 40 0.4 18 100 Enchanted Void 950 HP
11 40 0.3 18 133.3 Enchanted Void
12 55 0.3 18 183.3 Enchanted Void
13 55 0.2 19 275 Enchanted Void
14 70 0.2 19 350 Enlightened Void 3750 HP
15 175 0.1 21 1,750 Blessed Void 10000 HP


  • Keep in mind that Nekoro can't damage Lead-type Voids at any level, make sure to bring Anti-Lead towers like Wizards or Artillerists.
  • In the early game, try to place Nekoro at the front of the track so she can start reanimating voids as soon as possible.
  • Nekoro is a great Guardian for offense, she can deal immense amounts of damage and using her ability to spawn voids at any point in the map, can easily save a run.
    • Nekoro has little to no support capabilities, her sole purpose is offense.


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