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Pyro (Yami)

"Time to heat things up!"

At higher levels, she is able to shoot multiple bursts and burn through more enemies. In her highest form, she receives an inferno ring that devastates everything that touches it and deals extra heat towards larger enemies.

"Time to get things heated. Yami shoots bursts of fire with her flamethrower, melting any enemy that dares to come near."

Mastery perk(s):


Upgrade Descriptions:

  • Level 1 - Faster Flames: Fire burns enemies faster and for longer.
  • Level 2 - Enhanced Fuel: Fires faster with increased damage and range.
  • Level 3 - Intense Heat: Damage increased and fire burns for longer.
  • Level 4 - Triple Shot: Increases fire intensity and shoot 3 fireballs at once for triple the heat.
  • Level 5 - Ripping Fire: Damage and fire intensity is increased heavily and can detect hidden enemies. Again, how is her skin still okay?
  • Master Upgrade - Inferno Ring: Receives a ring of fire, dealing devastating damage to all voids in range and deals extra to larger ones.

Level Upgrade Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Burn Damage Tick Burn Time Total Burn Damage Range DPS Total Cash/DPS Apperance + Change
Base N/ACash 750Cash 1 0.9 1 0.5 2 4 14 ~3.1 ~314.5 Yami wears 'summer-looking' clothes and wields a flamethrower, additionally she has bunny ears and a bunny tail.
1 550Cash 1,300Cash 1 0.9 1 0.3 2.5 ~8.3 14 ~4.4 ~346.6 Yami now has a red bracelet/band that has 2 yellow balls on her right hand.
2 625Cash 1,925Cash 2 0.75 1 0.3 2.5 ~8.3 16 6 ~358.3 Yami now has a tied red band on her left leg.
3 1,750Cash 3,675Cash 5 0.6 2 0.3 3 20 16 15 260 Yami now has an arm band.
4 2,950Cash 6,625Cash 5 0.5 12 0.25 3 144 16 26 ~263.5 Yami now has red glasses similar to Sergeant's that end into wings.
5 7,650Cash 14.275Cash 10 0.35 40 0.2 3.5 700 16 ~68.6 ~211.4 All of her red attire is now yellow.
6 (Master Upgrade) 55,000Cash 69,275Cash 50 0.15 100 0.15 4 ~2666.66 16 ~466.7 ~148.9 The handle on her flamethrower is now a glowing yellow. Yami has orange-ish wings now.

She is now circled by 3 objects that are shuriken shaped that are around 2x her width, they deal damage and she also creates circles that deal damage.


  • Pyro is a useful tool for early game as she is affordable in all modes and can solo a good amount of the early waves before needing to place anything else.
    • She however is not able to solo the early hidden waves as she cannot see those voids.
    • This however means you should refrain from using her in late game unless you get her Master Upgrade, this however is not an easy task as it is very expensive.


  • Judging that she doesn't appear to have any burn marks or any signs of risks of using a Flamethrower even though she has uses a Flamethrower and have the upgrades that could clearly burn off a regular Human's skin, She probably is either immune, has immense durability to fire or she uses way too much Sunscreen.
    • There's another fact that if she uses her flamethrower a lot, she could've died from lung cancer instead of being burnt alive due to the smoke from the fire emitted by her flamethrower and lack of prevention from it. However she appears to be fine about that too.
  • Pyro in English means fire. This follows along with the characteristic of the tower.
  • A flamethrower is a weapon, as the name suggests, throws out fire. This is rather a very dangerous weapon as the fire from it can easily backfire the user.
    • Flamethrowers are usually used for deforestation but in an another bad way, it is used for committing arson, a type of crime done by burning down other people's major properties like houses, warehouses etc.
    • The flamethrower users usually wear smoke masks specialized at preventing the smoke from getting in as the smoke from fire can easily cause lung cancer.
      • However the in game Pyro doesn't wear a smoke mask on any level.

Update Log

  • 31st January 2022:
    • Pyro Tower added to the game
  • 12th February 2022:
    • Level 0 Pyro pierce increased (3 > 6)
    • Level 3 Pyro pierce increased (6 > 10)
    • Level 4 Pyro pierce increased (8 > 13)
    • Level 5 Pyro pierce increased (15 > 18)
    • Level 6 Pyro pierce increased (18 > 20)
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