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Reaper (Melly)



"Not all Voids are evil. Melly sweeps through groups of void with her scythe and hold many extraordinary powers. It took a while, but she is accepted into the Hybrid society."

The Reaper is a tower that uses a scythe to damage enemies, in a similar fashion to Swordswoman. She is widely considered to be the best tower in the game, with a high amount of damage. However, she does have a short range from Levels 1-3. In addition, this is one of the hardest towers to obtain, as you need to beat the Grandmaster gamemode, and shell out 125,000 XP. The Reaper has many differences from other towers, like using a unique rig, and being the only tower to be of void class. Most of these differences come as this tower was originally intended as a developer only tower.

Mastery perk(s):

    No perks.


    • Level 1 - Deadly Sweep: Damage and attack speed is increased heavily.
    • Level 2 - Merciless Sweep: Deals more damage and increases pierce.
    • Level 3 - Void Curse: Heavily increased damage, and all towers in range deal x1.25 damage.
    • Level 4 - Life Steal: (Ability): Deals instant damage to all enemies in range. Gives other voids someone else to bow down to.
    • Level 5 - Void Sacrifice: Reaps the soul of all towers in range, in exchange for exceptional POWER.
    Level Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range DPS Cost/DPS Change
    Base N/A 3,200Cash 15 0.35 7 42.8 Melly holds a purple scythe.
    1 6,650Cash 9,850Cash 25 0.1 9 250 39.4 Melly wears a purple and transparent kitsune mask.
    2 9,580Cash 19,430Cash 60 0.1 9 600 32.383 No changes.
    3 64,500Cash 83,930Cash 200 0.05 16 4000 20.9825 3 small projectiles spin around Melly and she buffs the damage of towers in her range by 1.25x (identical to level 6 Pyro's projectiles).
    4 100,000Cash 183,930Cash 300 0.03 16 10000 18.393 3 bigger and more spaced out purple projectiles spin around Melly (level 3 ones stay).
    5 (Master Upgrade) 540,000Cash 723,930Cash 1000 (min) [1] 0.01 18 (min) [2] 100,000 (min) [3] 10.8393(no sacrifice) Melly gains a temple on which she floats on with a purple vortex on her. Melly's level 3 projectiles disappear and her attacks become wide purple slashes that dont come from her scythe. Towers in her range also get their range buffed by 2.25x, damage buffed by 2.5x, and firerate buffed by 2.5x.


    • She is very expensive and not a great starter tower, so either use the Farms for the extra money or Mayla for the discount. However, even those don't even help that much even if you're using both in conjunction, except for her master upgrade ($900,000 -> $675,000).
    • She excels in late game when you are able to afford many things, especially with her master upgrade sacrificing all towers in range for more power.
    • Use level 3 reapers to buff other tower's damage.
    • Level 5 Reapers do not sacrifice each other and they buff each other making Reaper even better.
    • A max sacrifice Level 5 Reaper will have Melly floating with a large purple temple below her, signifying that she sacrificed the max amount of cash. If Melly did not sacrifice enough cash to reach max power, it will have no temple. It costs three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) in sacrifices to max out a Level 5 and get the temple. This can be done very easily with 7-8 level 4 Reapers.
    • This tower is perfect for beating maps in Grandmaster Mode as her outrageously high DPS allows her to carry the whole defense throughout all 3 Void Lords.
      • Even if Mayla is banned/absent, you can get her on the field and it'll still be worth the price.


    • This tower is actually a self insert from the creator of the game, as it used to be Billie's avatar for a while.
    • This is the first tower that needs a badge to unlock.
    • This is the first Void tower.
    • This tower now has the most DPS in the game due to its master upgrade being able to get up to 500,000 DPS without any buffs and 6,275,000 DPS with buffs.
    • This is the 3rd tower to have 5 levels and not 6 levels.
    • Reapers can buff each other at level 3 or 5.
      • Reaper buffs can not stack.
    • The Reaper is the only non-guardian tower that cannot be stunned by the Absolute Zero.
    • Level 5 Reaper is the only upgrade/tower unable to be sold even outside of Apocalypse and Master mode.
      • When you upgrade a Reaper to Level 5, a sign will appear and say "All towers (except Guardians) in range will become cat mai- i mean will be sacrificed and will contribute in increasing the Reaper's power. This tower cannot be sold after the sacrifice."
    • This is the only tower in the game which takes away surrounding towers when upgraded.
      • As an exchange, Melly herself will become incredibly powerful.
    • This tower's Mastery Upgrade may be inspired by the Super Monkey top path from the Bloons Tower Defense game series.
      • This is because both take away towers in an exchange for much more power within a single tower. They both get more powerful the more expensive towers around them are.
        • Both towers also buff towers in their range, making them much more powerful than normal.
    • This is one of the only towers in the game to not have blocky body parts.
      • This is due to the fact that the tower design is based on one of Billie's avatar.
      • The other tower is Cassy.
      • She is one of the few voids to have the capability to speak human language and not having the vision to kill every thing in her sight like other voids.
      • Out of all the societies and tribes (In tower's side), only the Hybrid Tribe accepts her.
        • Despite being accepted to the Hybrid society, the lore said that Melly still felt lost as no other society accepts her even if the Hybrid society treats her the same as or even better than other people.
          • This is proven by the Melly profile description in the special shop.


    1. 5000 (max)
    2. 30 (max)
    3. 500,000 (max)


    • Level 5 Reaper temple not showing despite being maxed out, conditions are: 2 players with Reaper, one with the Cat Maid skin and one with the default skin. Cat Maid Reaper's temple appears and the tower hitbox is expanded, while the default isn't.
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