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"I, Queen Chrono, rule over all!"

Everyone thinks she's just a kid with eighth-grade syndrome, but she hides some powerful mage spells.. Rika does not deal damage, but stuns enemies in range for a long time, but at a slow rate. She nicknames herself "Queen Chrono", and looks up to the Ruby Queen.

Rika is a support tower that does not do damage, but instead uses her time stopping abilities to aid your towers. She can freeze time and freeze the voids, while letting your towers attack, and also can use her ability to send all voids back to the entrance. At her maximum level it is possible to almost freeze all voids in place. To unlock this tower, you need to have won 10 games with Ruby Queen. This restriction has been temporarily eased to 1 game for the first week. On the 14th of May, the restriction was increased back to 10.

Mastery Perks(s):


Level Firerate Range Upgrades
Base 3 11 N/A
1 3 11 KitsuChronicles: FIre Mages receive increased range and pierce.

FM - +1 Range, +2 Pierce

2 3 12 Stuns more enemies at a time and increases range.
3 3 13 Range is increased further.
4 2.85 13 Attack speed is increased.
5 2.85 13 Stuns for longer, and is more effective against larger voids.
6 2.65 13 Attack speed increased, and can detect hidden enemies.
7 2.65 14 Stuns for longer, and range is increased.
8 2.5 14 KitsuChronicles becomes enhanced and boosts Swordswomen damage by 10. Pierce and stun time is also increased.

FM - +2 Range, +7 Pierce(?)

SM - +10 DMG

9 2.5 15 Range is increased and stuns are even more effective against larger voids.
10 2.25 15 Time Warp: Brings all but the strongest enemies on the board back to it's entrance. 90 second cooldown.

> Sends all enemies that are not a Boss back to the entrance.

11 2.25 21 KitsuChronicles is enhanced and now buffs Wizards' damage and pierce. Rika's range and pierce is also increased.

FM - +4 Range, +??? Pierce

SM - +15 DMG

Wz - +35 DMG, +??? Pierce

12 2 16 Stuns faster and for longer
13 1.7 18 Attack speed and stun time is increased, and becomes more effective against larger voids.
14 1.5 18 KitsuChronicles is enhanced to it's full potential. Also increases attack speed.

FM - +5 Range, +??? Pierce

SM - +45 DMG

Wz - +50 DMG, +??? Pierce

15 0.35 23 Stuns become fully effective against larger voids and can stun massive voids. Time Warp ability takes off 25% of enemies' health when activated.




  • She is one of the youngest towers in the game, standing at 14 years old.
    • Billie had previously stated that all the Towers are 'old enough'.
  • Rika claims she met a 'god', who gave her her time stopping abilities.
    • This information can be found in the teleportation screen quotes.

Update Log

  • 7th May 2022:
    • Rika added to the game
      • Requires only one win with Ruby Queen for a week upon release.
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