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Please follow these rules when posting in discussions, editing or making an articles. Our Wiki Staff have the final say in punishments. You may be blocked for something that is not on the list but that is sufficent to warrant a moderation action. Loopholing any rules will result in punishment too.

No Vandalism (Warn/ 2 Weeks - 1 month ban)

Do not vandalise the wiki. Vandalising includes adding unnecessary song lyrics, posting overly large images or adding falsified information. This can include jokes, or a fake statistic. If you wish to suggest, discuss it instead. If it is obvious that it is vandalism, a block will be issued.

Spamming (Warn/ 1 Week - 2 Weeks ban)

Pretty self explanatory. Examples include flooding articles or discussions, sending the same message over and over again, or re-uploading files multiple times. Encouraging people to spam is not allowed - this will warrant a warn, that is shorter. Repeats of this action can lead to a temporary block.

Staff Impersonation (PBlock)

Do not impersonate any Wiki Staff, developers, or Game Staff, Community Figures etc. We will ask you to change your name. If you do not comply, this will warrant an instant ban to the account to avoid confusion.

Plagiarism (Warn)

Posting someones art, or claiming that the art in question is yours when it is not allowed. Reposting strategies is allowed, but do remember to credit the maker, and do not claim it is yours. This can result in action taken if you do so.

Leaking Information, Doxxing (Instant Ban)

DO NOT leak any information that developers or a select classified group of people should know. Examples include leaking map assets, update photos, or codes.

Official updates are fine.

No Toxicity (Warn/1 Week - 2 Weeks ban)

Do not do actions that intend to cause drama. Harassing others or groups of people is not allowed. Examples include doxxing, flaming, or negative comments.

Follow Fandom TOS (Warn/2 Weeks ban/ Permanent Ban).

Self explanatory, you can find the full terms of service here:

Swearing ( 3 days - 1 Week)

Swearing is not allowed on articles, unless quoted from the game. In discussion, keep swearing to a minimum. Direct swearing is not allowed, same with racial slurs and derogatory terms.

If the swearing is suggestive, the NSFW rule will apply instead.

Follow the Wiki Guidelines at all times. ( verbal warn)

Please edit well, and read them if you haven't!

No NSFW, Gore, Distressing content or similar media. (Permanent Ban)

That includes 18+ Content, gore or shock content.

This is an instant ban.

Usernames or profile pictures that are not inappropriate will have their accounts blocked temporarily for a week. If not changed after a week, the user will be banned.

Raiding (Permanent Ban)

Raiding is diverse, but here is defined as using multiple accounts to spam, vandalise and cause distress.

Malicious Links (Permanent Ban)

This includes links that contain a virus, IP Trackers, or scams. Instant bans for these. If your account was compromised, please contact our staff.

Alt Accounts/ Troll Accounts (Permanent Ban)

Defined as using an account to troll, or to bypass a block. Instant ban for this one. If it is obvious that it is a troll account but not explicitly said, action will still be taken immidately.