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Skins are cosmetic items that change a towers appearance. No skins to date change a towers statistics.

Skins can be bought in shop, or redeemed using a code. Before, most skins were reserved for Guardians. However, Developers are slowly adding more non-guardian skins - for example the new skins for the Gunner and Artillerist towers.

List of skins
Name Skin Description Obtainable by
Sibling Gunner Fade may look like a normal magician, but just like her brother, she can handle guns very well, especially the most powerful ones.. 4,000Gold
Maid Ruby Queen As evil as the queen is, she does have a hobby of cosplaying. Better not judge her, or you'll be burnt to a crisp. 2,500Gold
Apprentice Mayla Looks like a necromancer has an apprentice now.. Mayla wears her attire to make sure she impresses her master. 2,500Gold
Service Cassy If she can't take the throne, perhaps this will work?? Cassy serves in the battlefield with a cute bunny outfit! 2,500Gold
Cat Maid Reaper Application accepted! Although the Hybrid Cafe isn't particularly a maid cafe, let alone a cat maid cafe, any suitable uniform should work! 10,000Gold
John Mayla N/A Code
Super Star Gunner N/A A full strategy is available at

List of skins
Name Skin Description Obtainable By
WikiFox Exclusive Mail for Wiki Staff
Corrupted Theresa Code
Shadette Artillerist Code
Golden Beacon Code
Holiday Artillerist The general has some gifts for the voids.. Equipping a gift launcher at later levels, the Artillerist now shoots explosive gifts at the zombies! 1,350StreetCred
Candy-Powered Beacon Instead of Amethyst Gems, this beacon is powered by candy? Well, it still works, and tastes better. 1,350StreetCred
Winter Hitman In the winter, Haezo needs to wear appropriate clothing for his 'work'. There's nothing stopping him from eliminating his target. 1,350StreetCred
Workshop Farm The Hybrids manufacture gifts for all the tribe children around the world. Rubies would get tech, while Amethysts would get musical instruments. Either way, both are happy. 1,500StreetCred
Holiday Ruby Queen Despite being the queen of a violent tribe, she still has a festive spirit. So much so, whenever she wears her costume, she oddly starts spinning and jumping while singing a repetitive Japanese song.. 1,500StreetCred
Void Ice Hayaka Inside a mail upon beating Black Blizzard Gamemode (Winter 2021 event)
Neo Mayla Mail
AngelWing Code

How to equip

Towers > Shirt Icon > Tap to equip.