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Sniper (Etta)

"No darkness escapes my sight!"

The sniper is a high range tower attacking by using her railgun, dealing pierce damage through a line of voids. She has a long range and she deals piercing damage. You should place her where she can shoot enemies on a straight line.

"Another starter tower that can attack at long ranges, this time its a complimentary gift from the Amethyst tribe. They also sent you candy, souvenirs, and books."

Mastery perk(s)


Snipers get more range.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Snipers can shoot through one more enemy.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Upgrade description:

  • Level 1 - Night Vision: Increased range and pierce, can detect hidden enemies.
  • Level 2 - Particle Upgrade: Damage is doubled, while range and pierce is increased and also fires faster.
  • Level 3 - Particle Upgrade: Sniper now deals 30 damage, and fires faster. Also increases pierce.
  • Level 4 - Fusion Lance: Upgrades to Fusion Lance. Fires faster, damage is increased, and range, pierce increased. Packs the punch.
  • Level 5 - Auto-Railer 9000: It's a fully automatic Railgun. $%#@ ya!
  • Level 6 - Void Lance: Fires a devastating dark laser at a fast rate, while melting off all zombies around. (The pulsating effect deals 325 damage, acting like the Fire Mage's base attack.)
Levels Upgrade cost Total Cost Damage Firerate Range DPS Cash/DPS Cosmetic Change
Base 350Cash 350Cash 2 2.4 26 0.83 $421.7 N/A
1 350Cash 700Cash 4 2.4 34 1.67 $419.2 Gains a military helmet
2 850Cash 1,550Cash 8 1.6 38 5 $310 Sniper charge changes colour to orange.
3 2,850Cash 4,400Cash 50 1.45 40 20.69 $212.7 Sniper charge changes color to red.
4 7,690Cash 12,090Cash 150 1.1 46 159.09 $76 The entire sniper changes to dark red.
5 11,950Cash 24,040Cash 275 0.55 52 500 $48.1 The entire sniper changes into bright red. Charge colour reverts to blue.
6 43,025Cash 67,065Cash 850 0.45 55 1,888.9 $35.5 The sniper's outfit, rifle and charge colour change to amethyst purple. Now pulses while attacking

(325 damage).


  • Setting Snipers' targeting to last on a straight line allows the piercing effect to be used to its maximum potential.
  • Placing Snipers at the end of long paths is better than placing them in more complex areas, making shots much more likely to pierce.


  • A sniper is a person who shoots down a crucial target, usually from a stealthy area or with the use of camouflage clothes. Snipers use long range guns capable of sniping from a distant range.
    • This particular sniper contracts with the said info as she stays in the middle of the battlefield (or where ever depending on where the player places her).
    • Sniper can also be called marksman, sharpshooter, deadeye or shootist.
  • This tower carries a hand-held railgun which doesn't exist in real life.
    • A railgun is a long range weapon with the projectile not containing any propellants or explosives but travels at an extreme amount of speed as high as 2,500 m/s (8,200 ft/s) or more.
    • Railguns exist in real life but they're gigantic. It is very unlikely to ever be small enough to be a hand-held weapon.
      • Railguns in real life are also only used to blow up missiles mid air to prevent them from blasting submarines due to how expensive it is.
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