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Welcome to the Official ArenaTD Wiki! We are glad you are here! You may wish to read the following and the rules.


Please note that the wiki is a Work In Progress. Some features may be missing, and we will do our best to add them soon. In the meantime, if you know something that is not present, feel free to add them!

Although we are officially affilated with the game, note that anyone can edit this Wiki! Thus, we request for you to use our information As a refrence, and not a source.


Please read the rules and guidelines before editing! If you really need the main points they are below:

Neutral point-of-view (or NPOV) means that content is written objectively and without bias, merely presenting the facts and notable viewpoints of others. A general-purpose encyclopaedia ought not contain articles that favour particular viewpoints. Striving for a neutral point-of-view helps prevent articles from becoming viewpoints and personal talk pages.

Proper English To make this Wikia readable, we request that you use proper British English, with the correct spellings and grammar. This ensures that the Wikia is readable by all, and provides a basic common ground for editors.

Verifiability means that articles should contain only material that has been published by reliable sources, such as the developers. For example, no self made lore on the site.

Be civil entails remaining polite and assuming good faith when interacting with others, and focusing on the content of edits rather than on personal issues. In its essence, participate in a respectful and considerate way, without ignoring the positions and conclusions of others.

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