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The Spitter is a medium-range crowd control tower. They attack by throwing corrosive sludge that damages enemies over-time and slows them down. They are immune to the Alien's potions.

"Although being a monster, the Amethyst tribe still accepts him dearly. Sludge slows down enemies in range with a purple substance, and can poison them in the process. Despite this, he absolutely cannot drink any chemical potions..."

Mastery perk(s):


Spitter's acid stays for 1 second longer.

Price: 1Mastery Point(s)


Spitter removes lead properties of affected enemies.

Price: 3Mastery Point(s)


  • Level 1 - Acidic Substance: Affected zombies receive poison damage overtime as long as they are covered.
  • Level 2 - Splashing Acid: Acid shots splash, affecting multiple enemies at once, and slows them even more.
  • Level 3 - Corrosive Acid: Acid lasts longer, and deals more damage.
  • Level 4 - Radioactive Spit: Spits faster, and acid is much stronger.
  • Level 5 - Skin-Reactive Acid: Acid becomes VERY corrosive, being able to dissolve even the largest enemies. Yet stilll adorable.
  • Level 6 - Elephant's Foot: Acid slows down enemies to 10% speed, and INSTANTLY dissolves armor.
Level Cost Total Cost Poison Damage Rate Range DPS PoisonTick SlowRate Pierce Splash Change
Base N/A 375Cash 0 0.9 14 0 0.8 65% 1 0 N/A
1 300Cash 675Cash 1 0.9 14 1.25 0.8 65% 1 0 Afected voids start taking poison damage while covered. (last 3s)
2 980Cash 1655Cash 2 0.9 16 3.08 0.65 55% 3 1.5 Attacks now splash, hitting multiple voids. Acid slow increased.
3 1455Cash 3110Cash 5 0.75 16 7.7 0.65 55% 3 1.5 Acid lasts longer (3.5s) and deals more damage.
4 3340Cash 6450Cash 10 0.6 16 20 0.5 50% 3 2.5 Acid is stronger.
5 8950Cash 15400Cash 40 0.45 18 114.3 0.35 45% 8 3.5 Acid is even stronger.
6 (Master Upgrade) 43500Cash 58900Cash 50 0.3 18 500 0.1 10% 10 3.5 Acid slows Voids to 10% of their speed, also instantly strips armor.


  • The Spitter should not be relied on as an early defense unless you can get level 5 before wave 20, as it cannot damage bosses (like the Large Void) until level 5.
  • Only one or two Spitters are recommended, due to neither the slowdown nor the damage over time stacking.


  • The Spitter is the only tower to have 0 base damage.
  • The Spitter is referred to as male in their description, however the patch notes refer to them as a female. This page refers to Splitter as gender neutral as a result.
  • The Spitter's head is a retextured version of the Red Blitz Fire accessory on the Roblox Catalog.
  • The Spitter is one of two towers to be immune to the Alien's potions, the other being Ruby Queen.
  • The Spitter is the only tower to not have their gender be confirmed.

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