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This article contains information about Technician.

You may be trying to find Drones.

Technician (Nova)


"I'll have them finish the job."

Nova uses Drones as her main defense . Upgrades strengthen her drones and allows her to build drones faster. At her master upgrade, she is able to summon a ‘Mecha’ that is a path unit, which has 25,000 health and roughly 3,130 dps.

"She's not just smart, she's a CEO. Nova shocks enemies with her stun gun and builds multiple drones around her that shoots enemies nearby."

Mastery perk(s):

    No perks.


    For more information on drones, please visit this page.

    • Level 1 - Smart Drones: Builds drones that shoot nearby enemies.
    • Level 2 - Speed build: Increased stun gun damage and attack speed, and builds drones faster.
    • Level 3 - Anti-Voids Rockets: Drones launch Anti-Voids Rockets that deal deadly damage to larger voids.
    • Level 4 - Super Volts: Stun gun has 15% chance of stunning enemies for a short time. Drones also become full-auto.
    • Level 5 - Elite Engineer: Drones deal deadly damage. Stun gun damage also increased. Saying she's tech savvy would be an understatement.
    • Level 6 - ArenaMech: "The Peak of Efficiency."
    Level Cost Total Cost Damage Rate Range Drone Rate Max Drones ChainRange DPS Max DPS [1] Cost/DPS Change
    Base N/A 725Cash 1 1.1 14 N/A 0 2 ~0.91 ~0.91 796.7 N/A
    1 550Cash 1275Cash 1 1.1 14 3.5 4 2 ~0.91 ~5.91 215.7 N/A
    2 550Cash 1825Cash 3 0.9 16 3 6 2.5 ~3.3 ~10.8 168.98 N/A
    3 2865Cash 4690Cash 6 0.9 16 2.5 6 2.5 ~6.6 ~78.42 59.8 N/A
    4 5040Cash 9730Cash 20 0.5 18 2.5 6 3 40 ~511.6 19 N/A
    5 14025Cash 23755Cash 40 0.35 18 2.5 6 3.25 ~114.3 ~1194.3 19.8 N/A
    6 (Master Upgrade) [2] 89505Cash 113260Cash 85 0.25 22 2.5 6 3.5 340 4840 [3] 23.4 N/A


    • While Nova boasts enough dps to be main damaging tower, she should act mainly as a crowd control tower for other high dps tas her abilities excels directly as an assistance for other towers.
    • The Mecha from Master Nova can be used as a last resort of the defense incase if any enemy slips past the defense.
      • You can rely it on damaging enemies as well due to its high dps and unit HP.
    • Nova's power lies behind the drones, if you're going to upgrade her, upgrade her fast for the drones to appear earlier, adding the dps up quicker.
      • If you use the Mayla guardian and you don't struggle to defend yet, wait for better discount is better unless if it is near the dangerous waves like wave 60, and wave 80.
    • Nova lacks of hidden detection. Make sure to use other towers to deal with hidden enemies.
      • If you place Ruby Queen correctly, she will be able to defend wave 15 and 18 in Grandmaster mode, allow you to farm your way to level 3 Beacon for Technician.
      • If you're attempting to obtain the Mixed Community Badge, considered using towers like Haezo (Hitman) to assist with early game hidden detection.


    • Technician is the first unit to be able to spawn sub-towers, and the third unit to be able to summon path units.
    • During the first 12 hours after the update, Technician's drones disqualified her from loadout quests. It appears to be fixed.
    • A new system has been designed that will try to prevent lag.
      • When a "effect" is played, it will ignore every other effect request for the next 0.03 seconds, or a frame. This prevents heaps of effects being played at once every ping spike.
    • Technician used to gain hidden detection on level 1. The current version of Technician however doesn't receive hidden detection on any level.
      • This nerf was made possibly due to Technician completely trivialized the Mixed Community badge as you could obtain the badge solely only using Technician.


    1. Total DPS is calculated as Tower DPS + (Max Drones*Drone DPS).
    2. Spawns Mecha at the end of the track every 35 seconds
    3. Does not included Mecha
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