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Towers are a core part of gameplay. They help defend your base, which is the aim of the game. Towers can be bought using 3 currencies, Gold, StreetCred or XP. You earn Gold and XP when winning or losing a match, while you need to complete daily missions to get StreetCred. When a player leaves a match their towers will be given to other players in the server, enabling selling and upgrading for the person who got it.

There are currently 20 towers in the game. Towers can be split into 5 types: The Ruby Tribe, Amethyst Tribe, Hybrids, the Void Class and Guardians. Most towers have 5 upgrades and a final 6th upgrade called a Master upgrade that only one of that tower can have (per person). Farm, Beacon and Reaper have only 5 upgrades. The Guardian Cassy makes it possible to have 2 Master Level towers of the same kind for each person in the match. Guardians have 15 levels, and upgrade automatically. Each one gains those levels at a different pace. You can also purchase their upgrades manually, which get progressively more expensive. There is only one void class tower in the game, the Reaper.

Ruby Tribe

The Ruby Tribe is a group of towers that are primarily focused on dealing damage.

Image Name Description Shop Cost Placement Cost


"I'm on it."

Your starter tower, given as a complimentary gift from the Ruby Tribe. The Ruby tribe aren't usually the type to give out stuff to other people, but in this apocalypse, they must be desperate.

0 XP 200Cash


"I'll slice them all clean!"

Fei uses her laser sword to deal slashing damage to groups of zombies coming her way. Only high rank Rubies are able to wield this sword. High profile training is required for people to be granted such a weapon.

2,800 XP 400Cash


"Time to heat things up!"

Once she enters the field, everything gets heated. Yami uses a flamethrower to melt enemy with fire balls, burning them with process. Despite being near fire all the time, her skin is still okay, for some reason.

4,005XP 750Cash
Fire Mage


"If you can't take the heat, get out of my sight!"

This fox is more powerful than you think. Aoso gives a blast of fire to any incoming enemies, and uses ruby magic to cripple the incoming horde.

4,250 XP 350Cash


"This'll be fun.."

Dawn uses automatic weapons as his main offense, shredding groups of voids coming his way. He might not look like it, but he's highly trained.

5,000 XP 2,000Cash


Manufacturer of pyrotechnical bombs, both effective and amazing. Laura throws special bombs towards enemies, dealing damage to clusters of enemies. She also makes fireworks. All the children love it. 2,500StreetCred 400Cash

Amethyst Tribe

The Amethyst Tribe is a group of towers more focused on support but can most of them can still attack.

Image Name Description Shop Cost Placement Cost


"No darkness escapes my sight!"

Another starter tower that can attack at long ranges, this time a complimentary gift from the Amethyst tribe. They also sent you candy, souvenirs, and books.

0 XP 350Cash


"I can't understand you. Are you casting a spell?"

A spellbook user that deals splash damage to enemies. She's still learning the basics, but is dedicated to be the best.

1,000 XP 500Cash


"Evol llits nac i.."
Although being a monster, the Amethyst tribe still accepts her dearly. Sludge slows down enemies in range with a purple substance, and can poison them in the process. Despite this, she absolutely cannot drink any chemicals poitions...
1,650 XP 375Cash


"**_*_*_ **_ *___**"

Xndra uses potions to deal splash damage to zombies and buff your other towers. The contents of the potions is still unknown, and she refuses to communicate with anyone that asks. It seems she knows something we don't.

2,400 XP 540Cash

Amethyst Star


A helpful beacon built by the Amethysts. It does not deal any damage, but buffs towers in its radius. It's pretty lights make it a nice sight to see for the Amethysts, same with the Rubies, but they don't want to admit it.

3,000 XP 1,200Cash


"Wow, technology!"

A notorious thief that happened to find an interesting CELRIO project. Accelerators only function when there are at least two on board, creating a plasma beam that evaporates all voids that walk between them. Surprisingly, the CELRIO company allowed her to use it in the end.


XP + Lone Defender Badge


Hybrid Towers

This isn't really a tribe, it's a society combined with the Ruby Tribe and Amethyst Tribe. These towers focus on DPS and Support.

Image Name Description Shop Cost Placement Cost


"Wanna see a cool trick?"

A committed entertainer that always has tricks up her sleeve. Her special card throwing tricks deliver sharp damage to nearby enemies.

250 XP 350Cash

General Noob


As they do in the early days, the only way to settle a war is with explosives! General Noob uses an M79 Thumper to blast voids in a large radius.

650 XP 450Cash

Hybrid Crops Inc.

"Hi!" jk farms can't talk

Farms generate income for you every round. Although they don't attack (they shouldn't), placing these will profit you in the long run.

1,500 XP 750Cash
Ice Cat



Kristal uses her magic staff to freeze zombies around her temporarily. Her cold blows deal frostbiting damage to enemies coming her way.

2,050 XP 450Cash


"Sure, I can get rid of them."

Need someone gone? Haezo does the job. Haezo uses a Colt Python to shoot off the voids with a strong punch. You can trust him to perform well, as long as the payment is handsome.

2,100 XP 420Cash


"I'll have them finish the job."

Lead Developer of CELRIO, she has the technology to do it all. Nova shocks enemies with her stun gun, and can build drones to fight for her. Of course, smart and deadly drones aren't the only thing she capable of creating..

5,000 XP 725Cash

Void Tribe

Not much is known about these towers, but they currently seem to be powerful yet expensive towers that aren't easy to get.

Image Name Description Shop Cost Placement Cost



Not all Voids are evil. Melly sweeps through groups of voids with her scythe and holds many extraordinary powers. It took a while, but she was accepted into Hybrid society.


XP + Diamond Dark Badge



Guardians are powerful towers, you can only have one in your loadout at a time and you can only have one placed down at a time in a match. They all have 15 levels and level up by themselves gaining EXP every wave. You can also upgrade these guardians to speed up levelling. The less EXP a Guardian needs to advance to the next level, the lower the cost is for the upgrade.

Image Name Description Shop Cost Placement Cost

Fira's Angel

"You zombies need to be cleansed!"

A miracle in the skies and battlefield. Theresa strikes zombies with a bow with upmost precision. You can certainly rely on her (and angels in general) to defend your base.

500Gold 615Cash
Ruby Queen

11th Royal Demon Descendant


Ruler of the rubies, and the most feared demon of all tribes. Her Dragonwave shotgun gives a swish of fire to groups of voids, dealing heavy damage. She also doesn't like the Alien's potions.

5,000Gold 1.000Cash

Heart of Gold

"Money isn't a problem, it's a blessing."

Other than money, Mayla likes to bring her Barret 50 Cal. around the field. She can snipe voids from across the map and also offers an advantage on earning more cash. Nothing illegal.

5,000Gold 1.250Cash

Queen of Nekomancy

"They're all mine!"

An absolute master of reviving the undead. Nekoro absorbs health from voids and uses it to create her own army. Though she means no harm to other tribes.

5,000Gold 900Cash

10th Royal Demon Descendant

"Do we have a deal?"

A cheerful demon who enjoys everything violent. Cassy punts zombies with her bat, knocking them back and dealing damage. She may not look like it, but she holds a strong power in her..

5,000Gold 750Cash



Not much is known about his origins. Delta charges power, slowly racking up damage and inflicting all of if when attacking, being able to deal massive damage. He can deal a devastating blow, but will take some time for him to charge up.

5,000Gold 1,050Cash
Rika0.png Rika

The Self-Declared Queen

"I, Queen Chrono, rule over all!"

Everyone thinks she's just a kid with eighth-grade syndrome, but she hides some powerful mage spells.. Rika does not deal damage, but stuns enemies in range for a long time, but at a slow rate. She nicknames herself "Queen Chrono", and looks up to the Ruby Queen

6,000Gold + 10 wins with Ruby Queen 900Cash

Gunpowder Specialist

One of the more explosive Ruby Knights.. Vivy uses a powerful M202 to give nearby zombies a huge blast while providing support to fellow Artillerists. Her explosions are so big they're able to stun zombies for a short period of time. 3,000StreetCred 1.050Cash

Nekokami Executive

One of the higher ranks in the Nekokami Clan, Hayaka spawns ice shards to deal piercing damage to enemies, while summoning tornados to blow them back. A master mage of cryology AND anemology. 3,500StreetCred 785Cash


  • Nekoro, Magician, Technician are the only towers that can spawn units.
  • Artillerist is similar to the Classic ROBLOX Noob[1].
  • Cassy is similar to the OC of their thumbnail / icon creator, Casey.
    • The OC was seen in the Discord Server, which the said artist, Caseyrl1, as her profile picture.
  • Beacon, Alien, Spitter and Farm are the only towers which isn't human-like.
    • The Artillerist, Ruby Queen, Fire Mage, Cassy and Theresa share human-like characteristics, which the earlier said towers doesn't.
    • Several towers also refer to animals or non-human creatures.
      • Magician, Gunner and Pyro refer to rabbits (from their rabbit ears). Fire Mage refers to a fox (from her fox ears). Ice Cat, Nekoro and Hayaka refer to cats (from their cat ears). Theresa refers to an angel. Ruby Queen and Cassy refer to demons (from their horns). Alien refers to, well, alien (the game says it straight from her description). Spitter refers to monsters (same as alien) and Delta (possibly) refers to a vampire (from his horns and the fact that he covers his face with a scarf).
  • The game's name used to be "Woman Tower Defense" as a joke, even though they have male characters.
    • Contrary to some people's beliefs, this was a joke about a meme from Tower Defense Simulator, rather a joke about how many female towers there are in Arena Tower Defense itself.
  • According to the game, towers from different tribes tend to have different purposes.
    • Towers from Ruby tribe tends to be main damagers.
    • Towers from Amethyst tribe tends to be support towers.
      • However some Amethyst tribe towers like Wizard are more as main damagers but they also provide assistance in their own ways.
    • Hybrid towers can be both main damager and supports, often the time being supports.
    • While not said in game as not being a tribe, Guardian towers are powerful towers with their unique abilities and usefulness. Usually, they're the actual guardians, leaders of something else or someone with a critical focus from at least a group of people.
      • Theresa is the guardian of heaven, Ruby Queen is the leader of the Ruby tribe, Mayla is a wanted "outlaw", Nekoro leads the voids those are in the good side, Cassy is Ruby Queen's older sister (as she is the supposed 10th queen of the family but got denied to be a queen and Ruby Queen then becomes the 11th queen), Vivy being a knight from Ruby tribe and Hayaka being a high rank person from the Nekokami clan.
        • The information of the Delta tower is very limited and his back story is completely unknown but guessing that he has his "secret" army of dark magic (or whatever the power he has) and he is the leader of it which the army is never revealed to anyone within the game, including players.
          • Take note that the information of Delta is a total guess and purely theory. Don't take this as a solid piece of info.