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Void Phantoms are a lot stronger than normal Void ghosts, so be careful with these.

-Narrator, Wave 32 in Easy Mode

Weak VoidNormal VoidTough VoidQuick VoidVoid GhostLarge VoidArmored VoidHeavy VoidLead VoidDark VoidVoid PhantomArmored Large VoidBeefy Void
Healing VoidCarbon VoidArmored Beefy VoidCloaked VoidHuge Void
Armored Huge VoidSwift VoidAiding VoidLarge Lead VoidTitanium VoidVoid GhoulDeadly VoidHaunting VoidMassive Void
Amethyst Void LordRuby Void LordHybrid Void Lord
Void MageFuser VoidVoid GuardianDuplicator VoidFlighty Void
Mini MagmaNormal MagmaHot MagmaMagic MagmaMagma MinionInferno DecoyInferno Boss
Cold VoidSnow VoidIced VoidClear VoidFrozen TitanDense VoidSteel VoidVoid ConjurerChilled VoidVoid BlizzardSentient VoidDark IceSuper ChilledArctic VoidWindy VoidFrigid VoidFrozen GuardianAbsolute Zero
Hydra Witch
Test Void