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Hi there! Welcome to the Arena Tower Defense Wiki, a collection of articles on the game Arena Tower Defense. Before you start editing, please follow these guidelines. We are assuming you are using the Source Editor to edit.

Please follow the following style guidelines when editing. Please forward questions and issues to enews.


  • Here at the ArenaTD Wiki, please write in British English. This applies to the spelling and grammar of the words.

(Example: license not licence).

  • You will need good grammar and good spelling when editing or making articles. Before you publish, please do a quick check.
  • Do not use ampersands (&) in replacement of ‘and’. You are encouraged to write in full instead of abbreviations.

(Example: they are not they're)

  • Apostrophes should be used correctly.

(Example: Its and It’s)

  • Always have a space succeeding a comma, like this.
  • When writing a list, do not repeatedly use the word ‘and’, use commas. You are encouraged to use different connecting words.
  • Roblox is preferred over ROBLOX.
  • Please use the following terms in one word: 'firerate', 'gamemode' and 'swingrate'
  • If the gender of the item in article in question is not specified, please write it in a gender neutral way. If the Gender of the item is contrasting, please also write it in a gender neutral way.

(Example: They slow down enemies using acid)

  • When mentioning a developer, check that that is their most updated name.
    • Searching their previous name can yield their current name in Roblox results.

(Example: Billie over 20amir02)

  • Quotations should be in italics. Please write quotations using the quote function in the editor.
    • “How many zombies have you killed so far? 314? Anyone got pie?”
  • When writing a date, write in its full format, like 31 January 2021. Do not shorten the month, year, or anything else.
    • Please use the proper dash (-) when writing 2 dates. DO NOT use em dashes, en dashes, or arrows.
    • Do not write ‘st’, ‘nd’, or ‘rd’ after date numbers.

(Example: 31 January 2021 - 1 April 2021)

  • When writing, it is usually not advisable to have exclamation marks or question marks as the end.
  • No profanity should be used in the articles. Exceptions include external site links or quotes. Please contact a Bureaucrat+ when in doubt.
  • When using or choosing pictures for Towers, you are required to choose those that have their background removed, or help remove it. Make sure pictures are of high quality and the most updated.
  • Please follow the following units:
    • Length - Studs
    • Speed - Studs per second
    • Time - Minutes and Hours (Do not shorten this)

(Example: The map is 200 studs long) (Example: This takes 20 minutes to do)

  • When writing numbers over a thousand, include comma separators.

(Example: The enemy has 100,000 health)

  • Game currency should be referred to as the following:
    • XP - Experience Points
    • G$ - Gold Gold
    • $ - In Game cash Cash
    • Robux may be shortened to ‘R$’.
  • when describing numbers below 10, they should be written in text format. For larger numbers, please write in number form.

(Example: She has two sisters) (There are 400 enemies in this gamemode)

  • Quotes should use (“”) and not (‘ ‘)

(Example:“Only high profile Rubies are able to wield the sword”.)

  • You are allowed to write words with terminal endings. Please keep a standard if doing so.

(Example: Mayla wields a 50 Barret Cal. in-game)

    • If this is the last word of the sentence, do not add an extra ‘.’ .
  • The terms should be carefully chosen. For instance, Removed should not be interchangeably used with unobtainable.
    • If the item is admin only, such as an admin only tower, please use the latter.
    • If a skin was in shop and taken offsale and can no longer be used or seen, please use the term removed.
    • Items in the Archive feature should still be treated as in-game.

(Example: The WikiFox skin is unobtainable)
(Example: The original gunner icon has been removed from the game. )
(Example: You can see the Void Conjurer via the archive mode.)

  • When uploading images, please clear all non-essential EXIF metadata. It is possible to view metadata from Image Files.
    • We are not liable for any privacy leaks that happen on our wiki as a result of this.


All original game assets, assets in public domain in game, or assets with prior permission are allowed to be used in this Wiki. Generally it is okay to screenshot something and add it here, but in doubt or if in a sticky situation, contact our administrators or moderators.

Permission to reproduce items where third-party owned material protected by copyright is included has been sought and cleared where possible. Every reasonable effort has been made to trace copyright holders, but if any items requiring clearance have unwittingly been included, we will be pleased to make amends at the earliest possible opportunity.

Please note that all contributions to the ArenaTD Wiki are considered to be released under the CC-BY-SA unless otherwise stated. Notable exceptions include artwork by our community artists.

Useful Pointers:

  • DPS is calculated as - Damage / Firerate.
  • Round to 2 decimal points for calculations.
  • Accuracy is key! We are your official source of news, there should be no errors.
  • a de facto standard is to always use Source Editor, it is better, saves time and is way more powerful.